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David Bowie - Music & Art

David Bowie, nome artístico de David Robert Jones, Londres, 8 de janeiro de 1947) é um músico, ator e produtor musical inglês. Por vezes...

domingo, 28 de setembro de 2014

Slade - A Glam Rock Band from England

Slade is an English rock band from Wolverhampton/Walsall. They rose to prominence during the glam rock era of the early 1970s with 17 consecutive top 20 hits and six number ones. The British Hit Singles & Albums names them as the most successful British group of the 1970s based on sales of singles. They were the first act to achieve three singles enter at number one; all six of the band's chart-toppers were penned by Noddy Holder and Jim Lea. Total UK sales stand at 6,520,171, and their best selling single, "Merry Xmas Everybody", has sold in excess of one million copies. 

Following an unsuccessful move to the United States in 1975, Slade's popularity waned but was unexpectedly revived in 1980 when they were last minute replacements for Ozzy Osbourne at the Reading Rock Festival. The band later acknowledged this to have been one of the highlights of their career. The original line up split in 1992 but the band reformed the following year as Slade II. The band has continued, with a number of line-up changes, to the present day. They have now shortened the group name back to Slade. A number of diverse artists have cited Slade as an influence, including grunge icons Nirvana and the Smashing Pumpkins, punk pioneers the Ramones, Sex Pistols, the Undertones, the Runaways and the Clash, glam metal bands Kiss, Mötley Crüe, Twisted Sister, Quiet Riot, Poison and Def Leppard and pop-rock stalwarts the Replacements, Cheap Trick and Oasis.

In their native England, Slade are one of the most cherished and biggest selling bands of all time. From their humble beginnings as the N-Betweens in 1965 through their mega hits in the ’70s, their loud, brash style, both musically and visually, endeared many a listener over the decades. An amazing run of 17 U.K. Top 20 singles in a row, as well as a batch of classic LPs are proof of that popularity. Over the years they have been acknowledged as an influenced on the likes of AC/DC, Cheap Trick, Kiss, Def Leppard and Oasis to name but a few. Although they are primarily thought of as a glam band, they were far from a one-trick pony. Throughout their recorded career, they employed elements such as country-tinged guitars, strings, and music hall-like jollity mixed in with the raw rock and roll. But the mystery remains as to why were Slade unable to crack the U.S. charts or American radio? It wouldn’t be until a cover of ‘Cum On Feel The Noize’ by Quiet Riot in 1983, that most of the U.S. would be made aware of Slade’s music. So we are hoping to turn a few of you on to the wonders of these four yobs decked out in their finest outrageous attire. At very least, we hope you are highly entertained while cranking up our list of Top 10 Slade Songs. ).


Play It Loud is the first album by the British rock group Slade (and their first under this name, having previously been known as The 'N Betweens and Ambrose Slade). It was released on 28 November 1970 but did not enter the charts. With very little promotion and advertising, the album failed to reach a wide audience. The absence of a 'hit' single was also a factor in this. It is regarded by some as an influential rock release, foreshadowing punk rock nearly seven years prior to its UK explosion. The band appeared on the UK show Disco 2 to promote the album. They made three appearances during 1970. Three songs were performed from the album; Shape Of Things To Come, Know Who You Are and Sweet Box. All three performances have never surfaced since broadcasting. Slade, in this incarnation, had adopted a "skinhead" image by suggestion of their manager Chas Chandler.

Sladest is a compilation album by the British glam rock group Slade. It was released on 28 September 1973, and went straight to No. 1 on the charts. It stayed around the Top 10 until 1974, when it climbed to the No. 1 spot once again, following the huge success of "Merry Xmas Everybody". The record has a significantly different track listing in the United States which is now out of print. The album was certified UK Silver by BPI in September 1973. By the first week of release, "Sladest" was awarded a UK Silver Disc. Two weeks after, the album was awarded a UK Gold Disc and was soon due to surpass 200,000 sales at the time. The compilation was originally to be titled "The Best of Slade" before its release. The album was voted #3 of the top three Slade album covers in the Slade Fan Club Poll of 1979.

The album The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome, co-produced by Lea and Punter was also released in December, but despite the strength of "My Oh My", had only made number 74 by the end of the year. To try to push the album further up the charts, January 1984 saw the release of "Run Runaway", a Celtic-flavoured rock-jig featuring the return of Lea's fiddle. The single peaked at number seven in the UK and was also successful in a number of other European countries. The tactic of releasing a second single appeared to work and The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome eventually reached number 49 in the UK. The album was far more successful in Sweden and Norway, however, where it peaked at number 1 and number 2 respectively. By the end of 1983, the band had finished what would prove to be their final UK tour.

quinta-feira, 25 de setembro de 2014

Peter and the music of his Living Room...

Peter convida a todos a ouvir um som em sua sala... 

Music Emporium

Music Emporium biography )
Initially called The CAGE, this trippy West Coast psych band from the 60's were quite sophisticated for their time. They started off in 1968 when keyboardist Bill Cosby joined forces with guitarist Dave Padwin and two female musicians, namely bassist Carolyn Lee and drummer Dora Wahl. All four were either classically trained or seasoned club veterans, Cosby himself being a UCLA music major. Evolving smack in the middle of the flower power era, they played their blistering rockers and wispy melodies quite convincingly, borrowing from jazz, classical music, avant-garde and rock. On the psychedelic side, they were definitely more song oriented than, say, early PINK FLOYD; although they did pour a mean dose of organ on their self-titled LP, released in 1969. Unfortunately, a year later Cosby got drafted and the band broke up. Their album is a fascinating testimony of a different time and place. Highly organ dominated, it has just about everything one would expect from a late 60's album: driving rhythms, heavy guitar riffs, trippy Farfisa organ and cool, groovy male/female vocals by Cosby and especially Lee who delivers her druggy, cosmic lyrics with style. Their solos are concise and they know how to lock into a groove without jamming aimlessly, as did so many bands of that era. They also know how to structure songs that best display their strengths although in retrospect, it is their softer tunes that seem to have aged better, especially those with a nice gothic/classical feel. The CD version, which was recorded from the master tapes, comprises five bonus tracks, all of them instrumental versions of songs from the LP. Highly recommended to collectors of early psychedelia, particularly to fans of the band IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY.



EPIDAURUS were a mid seventies German progressive outfit formed around 1976. Their first album showed that they were firmly rooted in the early 70's progressive style of YES, PINK FLOYD and fellow German rockers, ELOY. This album were Symphonic rock at its best, with mellotron, lots of keyboards and a beautiful female voice. "Earthly Paradise" is a classic prog album, serving a mellifluous mélange of melodic Mellotron and Moog. A second album, "Endangered", featuring songs from 1978 rerecorded in the nineties, was released in October/November 1994. The first three songs are great, the rest almost drifts away to pop regions. This album, although carrying on in a similar vein to the debut, wasn't particularly well received either and the band split in 1995.



RUPHUS is probably one of the most important 70's Norwegian hard rock band with progressive tendencies (there were a few of those back then: AUNT MARY, TITANIC, POPOL VUH / ACE etc..) but their music evolution would differ greatly from those groups. Their debut "A New Born Day" is certainly one of the best Norwegian albums with a very exciting sound and its extraordinarily communicative enthusiasm, even if a bit dated. But three members left after the album release and a new singer was found for their second album "Ranshart", a more progressive record looking towards YES and FOCUS, but it was not quite as exciting as the debut. Future jazz-rock legend Terje Rypdal produced their third album "Let Your Light Shine", a jazz-rock album that had much success in Germany, but again, personnel change struck at the worst of times, but their fourth album "Inner Voice" continued the formula, but further changes undermined the group, eventually folding at the end of the decade to general indifference.



segunda-feira, 22 de setembro de 2014

Mostly Autumn - Neo Prog Rock

O Mostly Autumn é uma banda de folk prog rock formada em meados de 1998, em York, Inglaterra. Suas maiores influências são Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Genesis e bandas de rock progressivo da década de 70. Sua música é um pouco disso tudo, mas acima de tudo rock com pitadas de elementos folk. O som do Mostly Autumn incorpora diversos instrumentos folclóricos como flauta celta, bodhram, violinos e poderosas harmonias vocais, formando um som realmente interessante de ouvir. Recentemente foram convidados a viajar em tour com o Blackmore´s Night e foram eleitos em 2001 como a melhor banda de rock, pela Classic Rock Society .

Tolkien: A banda é claramente influenciada pelas histórias de Tolkien, chegando a fazer um cd inteiro dedicado ao escritor. Em 2001 foi lançado o cd "Music Inspired by the Lord of the Rings", sucesso de crítica e público, que finalmente levantou o nome da banda, gerando o convite para turnê com o Blackmore´s Night. (Notas de: )


For All We Shared... is the debut album by the band Mostly Autumn. It is the only Mostly Autumn album to feature Allan Scott on drums and Kev Gibbons on whistles.

Track listing:
"Nowhere to Hide (Close my Eyes)" (Findlay/Josh) – 6:12
"Porcupine Rain" (Findlay/Josh/Jennings) – 4:40
"The Last Climb" (Josh) – 8:00
"Heroes Never Die" (Josh/Rayson) – 9:33
"Folklore" (Trad.) – 5:49
"Boundeless Ocean" (Josh/Jennings) – 5:42
"Shenanigans" (Faulds) – 3:50
"Steal Away" (Josh) – 4:56
"Out of the Inn" (Josh) – 6:43
"The Night Sky" (Josh) – 10:25

Bryan Josh – Lead/Backing Vocals; Lead/Rhythm/Acoustic/12 String Guitars; E-Bow
Heather Findlay – Lead/Backing Vocals; Acoustic Guitars; Tambourine
Iain Jennings – Keyboards; Backing Vocals
Liam Davison – Rhythm/Acoustic/12 String Guitars; Backing Vocals
Bob Faulds – Violins
Stuart Carver – Bass Guitars
Kev Gibbons – High/Low Whistles
Allan Scott – Drums

Additional personnel:
Angela Goldthorpe – Flutes
Chè – Djembe

sábado, 20 de setembro de 2014

Lebowsky - Prog Sounds from Polland (Crossover Prog)

Mais uma garimpada de Peter Hammil...

From Band member RADOSLAV on their debut release:
LEBOWSKI - Are a band founded in 2002, playing a wide spectrum of progressive music.
On their debut album in 2010, the listener gets to experience the tunes along the lines of artistic rock, motion picture music, experimental and improvisation, all with harmonized integrity.
"Cinematic" is music for a non-existent film. From a theme aspect we can intrepidly consider it as a concept album, dedicated to the 'big figures' of the Polish and World Cinema.
Lyrics for "Cinematic" are original quotes adopted from the classical Polish and international films.
Bio supplied by Marty McFly

quinta-feira, 18 de setembro de 2014

Phish - Jam with Rock, Jazz and Prog

Phish is an American rock band noted for their musical improvisation, extended jams, blending of musical genres, and dedicated fan base. Formed at the University of Vermont in 1983 (with the current line-up solidifying in 1986), the band's four members—Trey Anastasio (guitars, lead vocals), Mike Gordon (bass, vocals), Jon Fishman (drums, percussion, vocals), and Page McConnell (keyboards, vocals)—performed together for over 20 years before going on hiatus in August 2004. They reunited in March 2009 for Phish in Hampton, a series of three consecutive concerts played in the Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, Virginia, and have since resumed performing regularly. Phish's music blends elements of a wide variety of genres, including rock, jazz, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, hard rock, funk, folk, bluegrass, and blues. Due to the band's improvisational style, their concerts are original in terms of the order and selection of songs and the way each song and set are performed[clarification needed].

Although the band has received little radio play or mainstream exposure, Phish has developed a large and dedicated following by word of mouth, the exchange of live recordings, and selling over 8 million albums and DVDs in the United States. Rolling Stone stated that the band helped to "...spawn a new wave of bands oriented around group improvisation and super-extended grooves". They remain a very popular and successful touring act.

Em resumo: O SOM É BOM, OUVE AÌ...

Fuego is an album by the American rock band Phish. Released on June 24, 2014, it was their twelfth official studio album and their first in five years, since 2009's Joy. The album is a mix of rock, soul, reggae and bluegrass. Fuego was recorded in late 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee after a series of writing sessions at the Barn in Vermont and was produced by Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel). While Fuego's ten new tracks include songs that individual members brought to the table in usual Phish fashion, the bulk of the material was written by all four, working together at the Barn, often writing in a stream-of-consciousness style.


segunda-feira, 15 de setembro de 2014

Iron Maiden & The New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWBHM)

Iron Maiden é uma banda britânica de heavy metal, formada em 1975 pelo baixista Steve Harris, ex-integrante das bandas Gypsy's Kiss e Smiler. Originária de Londres, foi uma das principais bandas do movimento musical que ficou conhecido como NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal). O nome "Iron Maiden", homônimo de um instrumento de tortura medieval que aparece no filme O Homem da Máscara de Ferro, foi baseado na obra de Alexandre Dumas. Com quase quatro décadas de existência, quinze álbuns de estúdio, seis álbuns ao vivo, quatorze vídeos e diversos compactos, o Iron Maiden é uma das mais importantes e bem sucedidas bandas de toda a história do heavy metal, tendo vendido mais de 100 milhões de álbuns registrados em todo o mundo. Seu trabalho influenciou diversas bandas de rock e metal. São citados como influência por diversas bandas, antigas e modernas.

Em 2002, a banda recebeu o prêmio Ivor Novello em reconhecimento às realizações em um parâmetro internacional como uma das mais bem-sucedidas parcerias de composição da Inglaterra. Durante a turnê americana de 2005, foi adicionada à Calçada da Fama do Rock de Hollywood.3 Em 2011, ganharam seu primeiro Grammy por "El Dorado". A banda também está presente nas principais listas de maiores bandas de rock de todos os tempos, assim, sendo considerada pela MTV a maior banda de heavy metal de todos os tempos.

Sempre gostei de Iron Maiden. Desde Paul Di'Anno até os dias de hoje, o Iron Maiden lançou diversos álbuns. Lembro a primeira vez que ouvi o Number of the Beast e fiquei completamente fascinado. Separei algumas amostras...

Os Iron Maiden foram a sensação do circuito do rock inglês de 1978. A banda tocava sem parar havia três anos, ganhando um tremendo número de fãs; mas mesmo assim até essa época, eles nunca tinham gravado nada. No ano novo de 1978, a banda gravou uma das mais famosas demo tapes da história do rock, The Soundhouse Tapes. Com apenas três faixas, a banda vendeu todas as cinco mil cópias imediatamente, e não distribuiu a demo novamente até 1996. Cópias da versão original são vendidas hoje em dia por milhares de dólares. Duas das faixas da demo, "Prowler" e "Iron Maiden", ficaram em primeiro lugar nas paradas de metal inglesa. Em muitas das formações antigas dos Iron Maiden, Dave Murray era acompanhado de outro guitarrista, mas grande parte de 1977 e todo o ano de 1978, Murray foi o único guitarrista dos Maiden. Durante o ano de 1979 a banda teve vários segundos guitarristas sucessivos, tais como Paul Carns, Paul Todd e Tony Parsons. No fim do ano, o baterista Doug Sampson abandonou a banda por motivos de saúde. Em novembro de 1979, a banda assinou contrato com uma gravadora de renome, a EMI, uma parceria que se mantem até aos dias de hoje. Pouco antes de entrar em estúdio, Parsons foi substituído pelo guitarrista Dennis Stratton, que trouxe Clive Burr, um amigo seu, para a bateria. Murray queria trazer Adrian Smith para o grupo, mas ele estava ocupado tocando guitarra e cantando com sua banda Urchin.

This would be the band's first world tour, including their debut shows in North America (where they supported Judas Priest on their World Wide Blitz Tour and UFO on select dates)[1] and Japan where they recorded the live release, Maiden Japan.[2] On top of this, the band moved into larger venues in the United Kingdom, including the Hammersmith Odeon, London. This would be Iron Maiden's last tour with singer Paul Di'Anno, who was dismissed due to his unreliability. He was replaced with Samson vocalist Bruce Dickinson, with whom the band undertook a short series of concerts in Italy and the UK before they set about writing and recording their next album, The Number of the Beast.

Best of the 'B' Sides é uma compilação de singles da banda britânica de heavy metal Iron Maiden lançados entre 1980 e 1999. Best of the 'B' Sides foi lançado em 2002 no boxset Eddie's Archive. E tem uma das minhas preferidas "Cross-Eyed Mary" do Jethro Tull...

sexta-feira, 12 de setembro de 2014

Rush - Just the Best Band Ever...

Mais um post de minha banda preferida... Na minha opinião, os melhores álbuns do Rush são ao VIVO. Como três caras conseguem fazer um som desta qualidade? E por tanto tempo... O trio toca junto há 40 anos (Neil Peart um pouco menos, pois entrou a partir do segundo álbum) e tem uma incontestável obra... Todos os álbuns são excelentes. Divido o Rush em duas fases, Pré e Pós Moving Pictures. A fase Pré é marcada pelo Hard Rock, pelos riffs distorcidos e pela obra prima YYZ. Na segunda fase, Geddy Lee introduz teclados mais elaborados, Alex Lifeson diminui o distortion, tirando um pouco de peso da guitarra e o grande Neil Peart adiciona elementos eletrõnicos a sua poderosa batera. O som fica mais leve, mas com o primor de sempre, e muito mais técnico. O melhor mesmo é ouvir tudo isso...

In 1974 Rush released their self-titled album. Shortly after that, in August, they played a gig in Cleveland at the Agora Ballroom, which was recorded live for the FM station, WMMS[1]. The concert was eventually released as an unauthorized live bootleg called The Fifth Order of Angels.
Drummer Neil Peart joined the band on July 29, 1974, approximately one month prior to this recording. He replaced founding drummer, John Rutsey.

According to the liner notes, this live album (Rush's first) marks the end of the "first chapter of Rush," and would mark the start of a trend of releasing a live album after four studio albums. That trend was broken in the 2000s when the band would release a studio album then a live album from the ensuing tour. Songs like "Bastille Day" and "Anthem" are similar to their studio versions with the addition of Neil Peart's drum solo during "Working Man". All the World's a Stage would be Rush's first US Top 40 charting album and would go gold, alongside A Farewell to Kings and 2112 on November 16, 1977. It was certified platinum in the US in 1981 after the release of Moving Pictures. In Canada, gold certification came on December 1, 1976; platinum on August 1, 1978.

Rush in Rio was the first live album released by the band to not follow the pattern of releasing a live album after every four studio releases, and was also the first to feature a complete setlist without any changes in song order, including Neil Peart's drum solo. It is also the band's first live album that presents a single night's performance in its entirety (not counting the two bonus tracks). In an interview about the album and DVD, Alex Lifeson and James "Jimbo" Barton noted that it took an extended amount of time to mix the sound. This was due to technical difficulties of recording the audio on primitive equipment.
At this concert, Rush played to 40,000, their second largest crowd on the Vapor Trails Tour (the largest crowd was 60,000 at the show the previous night in São Paulo). In a rare departure from the band's practice of re-creating the sound of their studio work when playing live, the song "Resist" (on disc 2) was rearranged into a stripped-down acoustic version between Lifeson and Lee, with Peart sitting out after his drum solo.

Rush - R30 - 30th Anniversary World Tour (2005)

R30: 30th Anniversary World Tour is a live DVD by the Canadian band Rush, that was released on November 22, 2005 in Canada and the U.S. and November 28, 2005 in Europe, therein documenting the band's R30: 30th Anniversary Tour. The DVD was released in a standard and deluxe set. The deluxe version features two audio CDs of the DVD content as well as various interviews and extra live footage.

CD Disc 1
"R30 Overture" - ("Finding My Way", "Anthem", "Bastille Day", "A Passage to Bangkok", "Cygnus X-1", "Hemispheres") – 6:42
"The Spirit of Radio" – 5:05
"Force Ten" – 4:49
"Animate" – 5:49
"Subdivisions" – 6:09
"Earthshine" – 5:41
"Red Barchetta" – 6:49
"Roll the Bones" – 6:22
"The Seeker" – 3:27
"Tom Sawyer" – 5:00
"Dreamline" - 5:20
Running Time: 61:19

CD Disc 2
"Between the Wheels" – 6:17
"Mystic Rhythms" – 5:22
"Der Trommler" – 9:01
"Resist" – 4:33
"Heart Full of Soul" – 2:44
"2112" ("Overture"/"Temples of Syrinx"/"Grand Finale")/"Xanadu" (abbreviated version)/"Working Man" - 21:19
"Summertime Blues" – 3:41
"Crossroads" – 3:13
"Limelight" – 4:57
Running Time: 61:13

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