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Frank Zappa - The Complete Frank Zappa Project/Object Series - Part I

Quando comecei a participar do Blog Valvulados, minha idéia inicial era só postar Frank Zappa. Sempre fui um grande fã, e durante a minh...

sábado, 30 de agosto de 2014

Leap Day - Dutch Prog Sounds

Peter Hammil contribution
Dutch outfit LEAP DAY was formed in 2008, but the events leading up to the band formation started a year earlier. Drummer Koen Roozen (Flamborough Head) had been looking for musicians with a desire to play symphonic rock to cooperate with, and in his search met keyboardist Derk Evert Waalkens (King Eider) who also were looking for like-minded musicians. Shortly after vocalist Jos Harteveld (Pink Floyd Project) joined this so far unnamed project. Koen and Derk then started discussing the possibilities of performing the King Eider material at Progfarm 2007. Guitarist Hans Gerritse (King Eider) liked this idea and hooked up for this project, along bassist Peter Stel (Nice Beaver). They needed another keyboard player for this gig though, and Gert van Engelenburg was asked to join. Gerritse left after the Progfarm gig. The rest of the guys wanted to continue on though, and when guitarist Eddie Mulder (Trion, Pink Floyd Project, Flamborough Head) agreed to join, Leap Day was born. A 3-track demo CD saw the light of day in October 2008; in November they signed for Polish label OSKAR, and their full length debut album is planned for release in the summer of 2009, named Awaking the Muse.


quarta-feira, 27 de agosto de 2014

Derek William Dick or Fish (Marillion)

Derek William Dick, melhor conhecido como Fish (nascido em 25 de abril de 1958 em Dalkeith, Midlothian), é um vocalista e compositor de rock progressivo e ocasionalmente também ator britânico nascido na Escócia. Após uma breve carreira como jardineiro, tornou-se famoso em 1981 com a banda de rock progressivo Marillion, da qual saiu em 1988. Ele é algumas vezes comparado a Peter Gabriel: possuem timbres vocais parecidos, ambos passaram seis ou sete anos em um destacado grupo de rock progressivo britânico, vestindo maquilagem e fantasias no palco, ambos deixaram o grupo para seguir carreira solo. Além disso, em ambos os casos os fans dos grupos consideram que o período no qual estavam em suas respectivas bandas foram os melhores do grupo. Considera-se que os maiores talentos de Fish eram derivados de suas letras, introspectivas, geralmente lidando com temas pessoais como seus vícios.


Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors (1990) was the first solo album that rock singer Fish released after he departed Marillion in 1988. Although the recordings for this album finished as early as June 1989, EMI Records decided to delay the release until early 1990, to avoid collision with Marillion's album Seasons End (September 1989). However, the track "State of Mind" was released as a single as early as 16 October 1989, more than three months ahead of the album. Further singles from the album were "Big Wedge" (the actual lead single, 27 December 1989), "A Gentleman's Excuse Me" (5 March 1990) and "The Company" (18 July 1990, only released in Germany).

Fish (Derek W. Dick) - All Vocals
Frank Usher - Guitars (Tracks 1,2,3,4,6,7,9,10,11,12 and 14)
Hal Lindes - Guitars (1,2,3,4,5,7 and 11)
Janick Gers - Guitars (8)
John Giblin - Bass Guitars (1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9 and 11)
Mickey Simmonds - Keyboards (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 and 14); Piano (13); Drum Programming (10 and 12)
Davy Spillane - Pipes (1); Whistles (1)
Phil Cunningham - Whistles (1,4 and 11); Accordion (4 and 11); Bodhrán (4)
Aly Bain - Violin (4 and 11)
Gavyn Wright - Violin (4)
Alison Jones - Violin (12)
Mark Brzezicki - Drums (1,2,4,6,7,8,9 and 11)
John Keeble - Drums (3)
Luís Jardim - Percussion (2,3,4 and 9)
Carol Kenyon - Backing Vocals (2,3,7 and 9)
Tessa Niles - Backing Vocals (2,7 and 9)

Segue também um discão, tocando músicas do Marillion... 

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sábado, 23 de agosto de 2014

Peter, the Great Explorer of New Prog Sounds

Desde Abril de 2014, o Valvulado ganhou um reforço célebre. Peter Hammil se tornou um grande colaborador, trazendo grandes sons progressivos de todas as partes do mundo. Esta grande generosidade tem como objetivos: Partilhar, dividir, divulgar o que tem de melhor do mundo Prog. Caro Peter, temos uma dívida incomensurável com você. Obrigado por tornar o Valvulado melhor...

Seguem mais duas pérolas:

Prog Sounds from Belgium
Belgian band MINDGAMES influences are to be found in the whole progressive rock history. Element of FLOYD, YES, GENESIS, MARILLION and too many others to mention can be found in here. The band grouped in 1997 but it took 2 years until they entered the recording studio to shape their first recording demos. The rehearsals for their debut album took the next three years until the album was ready, in 2002, and was finally released in 2003. This output was carefully structured with mid-long pieces and three epics. It's a very sophisticated music, precisely played and perfect balance between energy and softness. Strong melodies, multiple rhythm changes and a nice instrumental colouring of the songs are warp and woof on "International Daylight", an album that achieved a great success among the lovers of Symphonic Progressive. In 2005, MINDGAMES returned to studio to prepare their second album, "Actor In A Play", released in 2006 that received very positive reviews from the international press and fans. With this album, MINDGAMES keep following the same path from their beginning, a well-balanced sound between Neo and New Symphonic, blended with several other influences. Recent news inform that MINDGAMES had important line-up changes and that they are shaping a new album to be released by 2009, but anyway keeping their original style. 

Prog Sounds from Australia
Australian band ANUBIS was formed in 2004, and the specific aim of the band was to create a concept album. While the plan initially was to honour a dear, departed friend by writing the album in his honour, they have chosen to make this person a more anonymous inspiration as the work progressed. Anubis describe the final result as pure fiction, while the protagonist became anonymous to represent the fact he wasn't actually anyone at all. The final result of this process was finalized in 2009 as the album "230503", and was made available in digital and physical formats towards the end of autumn the same year. With this first goal achieved it will be interesting to see where this outfit will go next. They have an outspoken vision along the lines of making music that excites them, disregarding whatever trends are popular and they don't have much of an interest in the commercial aspect of their craft either: Their aim, vision and goals are of an artistic nature only. In 2011 ANUBIS have entered into a formal contract with Birds Robe Records ( and launched their second album "A Tower Of Silence" in September 2011.

More Discoveries from Peter, the Prog Explorer:

E, um post do irmão do Peter, William:

Anthony Phillips (WS)

E tem muito mais vindo aí!!!!!!

quarta-feira, 20 de agosto de 2014

Booker T & The MGs - Instrumental Music from the 60's

Booker T. & the M.G.'s é uma banda americana de soul instrumental, especialmente popular durante as décadas de 1960 e 70. Costumam ser associados com a gravadora americana Stax Records, e classificados no subgênero do Memphis soul. Foram uma das primeiras bandas integradas racialmente na era do rock. Ficaram conhecidos por seu sucesso instrumental "Green Onions", de 1962, e por terem feito da banda da casa para diversos artistas da Stax (futura Volt).2 Como criadores do som único da Stax, o grupo foi um dos mais prolíficos, respeitados e imitados de seu tempo. No meio da década de 60, bandas dos dois lados do Atlântico tentavam emular o som do Booker T. & the M.G.'s.

Os membros originais do grupo eram Booker T. Jones (órgão, piano), Steve Cropper (guitarra), Lewie Steinberg (baixo), e Al Jackson Jr. (bateria). Donald "Duck" Dunn substituiu Steinberg no baixo em 1965, e tocou com a banda desde então. Carson Whitsett foi tecladista do grupo, e Bobby Manuel guitarrista durante uma breve reunião em 1973, quando a banda - temporariamente sem Booker - ficou conhecida simplesmente como The MG's. Com a morte de Al Jackson Jr. em 1975, o trio de Dunn, Cropper e Jones se reuniu por diversas ocasiões; os bateristas Willie Hall, Anton Fig, Steve Jordan e Steve Potts participaram do grupo em diversas ocasiões para estas reuniões.


Melting Pot is a 1971 studio album recorded by Booker T. & the MG's for Stax Records. It is the last album to feature the group's classic lineup of Jones, Cropper, Dunn, and Jackson, and featured longer jam-oriented songs for the first time on an MG's album.

Green Onions is the debut album by Booker T. & the M.G.s, released on Stax Records in October of 1962. It reached number 33 on the Pop Albums chart in the month of its release. The title single was a huge hit worldwide which has been covered by dozens of artists, including The Blues Brothers (featuring guitarist Steve Cropper), The Ventures, Al Kooper, The Shadows, Mongo Santamaría, Roy Buchanan (also featuring Steve Cropper and Jan Hammer), Count Basie and many others.

Soul Limbo is the eighth album by Booker T. & the MGs, released in 1968 on Stax Records. The album was the first Stax LP issued after the label severed its ties with former distributor Atlantic Records in 1968. The title track is perhaps best known in the UK as the theme tune for BBC Television's cricket coverage and later for Test Match Special, and features a marimba solo by Terry Manning. Its composition is somewhat similar to a song by Byron Lee and the Dragonaires. The song was later covered by the English punk band Snuff. The album also features the group's hit version of the title theme from the film Hang 'Em High. This song was referenced by Karl Pilkington in his series The moaning of Life. When Karl says he had neighbours playing the cricket theme tune at 3am in the morning. (Este é o meu ´preferido!).

The Stax Records house band for most of the 1960s, the instrumental outfit Booker T. & The MG's were responsible for the distinctive sound of recordings by artists from Albert King to Otis Redding. The racially mixed group were a symbol of the musical innocence of the early '60s, and, while Stax's relaxed atmosphere couldn't survive the racial turmoil of the post-Martin Luther King assassination South, the MG's continued performing until 1972. This best-of is a representative selection of the band's eclectic '60s output, including their best-known hit, "Green Onions," as well as the gorgeous "Time Is Tight," and one of their many Beatles covers, "Lady Madonna" (the band devoted an entire album, 1970's MCLEMORE AVENUE, to re-recording the Fabs' ABBEY ROAD). Audio Remasterer: Joe Tarantion. Liner Note Author: Elvis Costello. Booker T. & the MG's: Donald "Duck" Dunn, Lewis Steinberg (bass guitar); Al Jackson, Jr. , Steve Cropper, Booker T. Jones. Personnel: Steve Cropper (guitar); Booker T. Jones (piano, organ); Al Jackson, Jr. (drums).

2007 installment of Warner UK's very popular Platinum Collection series. Each disc contains the artist's finest recordings from the WEA vaults including album tracks, singles and more. This 20 track collection from Booker T and his immortal MGs includes 'Groovin'', 'Summertime' and 'Green Onions'. Check it: if you are not one of those obsessive types that needs every classic side Booker T. & the MGs recorded for Atlantic (they cannot be blamed since the music is so utterly addictive), and don't already have the Rhino double-disc, this Warner collection will most likely fit the bill. Here are 20 killer cuts -- well, 19, the version of George Gershwin's "Summertime" that closes the disc could have either been lopped off or replaced with something more fitting -- with all the hits and then some. It kicks off with "Green Onions" and "Hip Hug-Her" but it's really just gathering steam. From the roiling fuzzed out funk in Steve Cropper's guitar on Hoyt Axton's "Bootleg," to the lazy, gut bucket stroll of his in the original "Slim Jenkins' Place," the steamy organ shimmy that is "Soul Sanction" and "Soul Dressing," to the bluesed-out "Home Gown" to the amazing version of the Rascals' "Groovin'," it's an excellent comp, and well worth its price tag. ~ Thom Jurek ( )...

McLemore Avenue is a 1970 album by Booker T. & the MGs consisting entirely of mostly instrumental covers of songs from the Beatles' album Abbey Road (released only months earlier in September 1969). The title and cover are an homage to the Beatles album; 926 East McLemore Avenue being the address of the Stax studio in Memphis, as Abbey Road was for EMI in London. Booker T. Jones said, "I was in California when I heard Abbey Road, and I thought it was incredibly courageous of The Beatles to drop their format and move out musically like they did. To push the limit like that and reinvent themselves when they had no need to do that. They were the top band in the world but they still reinvented themselves. The music was just incredible so I felt I needed to pay tribute to it."

domingo, 17 de agosto de 2014

Comedy of Errors - Prog Sounds from Scotland

Outro petardo de grande Peter Hammil. Uma banda de Neo Prog da Escócia, com um som bem Prog, bem tocado, bem elaborado. Ouçam que vale a pena... Obrigado Peter.

Comedy Of Errors biography: ( )
Comedy Of Errors were a Glasgow-based progressive rock band formed in January 1984 with Joe Cairney (vocals), Jim Johnston (keyboards), John MacPhee (drums), Mike Barnard (guitars) & Steve Stewart, soon replaced by Mark Spalding (bass). Their first recording was a demo called "Ever be the Prize", and was recorded at a studio in Blanefield (Scotland) in 1985. They recorded a number of songs with Rog Patterson (of "Twice Bitten" fame) as producer, which were then further refined with the assistance of Mike Bentley and Niall Mathewson (Pallas). These were released as a "mini album" in 1986, strongly influenced by Pallas or Abel Ganz style. In 1987 when Mike Barnard left the band, Barry Henderson joined the band on bass while Mark Spalding played guitars. This line-up recorded the demo tape called "24 Hours" in November 1987 at Evenload Studios in East Kilbride. This was later combined with the mini album to form the band's only CD release under the french MSI label. Unfortunately, the quality of this release is very poor, being a direct transfer from vinyl, rather than master tapes. This is compounded by the fact that "The Student Prince Part One" has been omitted and replaced by an inferior version of a track from earlier on the disc. A change of direction was heralded in in 1989 with the arrival of new lead vocalist John Cowden, replacing Joe Cairney who went on to join the Fire Brigade. The demo tape "Hold On" was recorded at Evenload Studios (East Kilbride) in May '89. The band were playing more standard rock songs, which were more suited to the new vocalist. They played regularly around Scotland, and then quietly disappeared from view. 
: : : Yves Le Perchec : : :

Remarkably though, the story does not end there, and in 2011 Comedy of Errors reformed. As the band's official website succinctly puts it:
"One man however kept faith in the original concept, dropped out of the prog scene completely, stayed in his room, kept writing new material and revising songs and waited.and waited.His name I don't recall but that's not important right now. Suffice to say it was hoped these mini-rock symphonies would, at some point in the future, see the light of day and find an appreciative audience. And so it was, thanks to those who kept faith in the music, the new incarnation of COMEDY OF ERRORS came to release their debut album ' DISOBEY ', a difficult birth, a long time in the making, but well worth the wait."


The Fanfare and Fantasy album has reached the top 5 of the Prog archives album of the year for 2013.

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