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Al Green - The Soul Hits Man

Albert Leornes "Al" Greene (born April 13, 1946), often known as The Reverend Al Green, is an American singer, songwriter and record producer, best known for recording a series of soul hit singles in the early 1970s, including "Take Me to the River", "Tired of Being Alone", "I'm Still in Love with You", "Love and Happiness" and his signature song, "Let's Stay Together" Inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995, Green was referred to on the museum's site as being "one of the most gifted purveyors of soul music". He has also been referred to as "The Last of the Great Soul Singers". Green was included in the Rolling Stone list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time, ranking at No. 65.

From Magal's Soul Files

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CIRRUS BAY Neo-Prog • United States

US outfit CIRRUS BAY started out as an acoustic duo back in 2001, consisting of Bill Gillham on guitar and Sharra Gallham (now Sharra Acle) on vocals. They performed Bill's compositions live in coffee and sandwich shops, acoustic efforts with sophisticated compositional structures underneath a melodic palette catering to a more mainstream-oriented musical taste.

The duo were, at some point in time, approached by Mark Blasco. He's a drummer and engineer, and besides being fascinated by the duo's musical ventures he also wanted to know if they would like to record their music, offering his services as a drummer if so would be the case.

And while Cirrus Bay still is represented by a duo performing acoustic music, now consisting of Bill and Anisha Gillham, it has also evolved into a band project, at least as far as CD releases are concerned. And in the latter case the music has become much more embellished, closer to the muscial territories explored by acts such as Genesis and Spock's Beard.

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CIRCUS MAXIMUS Progressive Metal • Norway

Norwegian CIRCUS MAXIMUS became a full line up in 2000, consisting of long time band-mates Michael Eriksen on vocals and brothers Mats & Truls Haugen on guitar and drums respectively. In addition the band consists of keyboard mastermind Espen Storø and Mats' old high school buddy Glen Cato Møllen on bass. The band has a wide variety of musical influences, from pop/rock to 70's Prog-Rock to Heavy and Death metal, all of which is melted together and gives the guys their unique sound. The melting pot creates a mixture of great melodies, groove, heavy riffs and weird odd time signatures.

Michael is currently also involved in the hard rock band CARNIVORA (who released their debut album "Judas" through FaceFront Records in May 2004). Espen has also been involved in a song or two on the CARNIVORA disc, but is also playing keyboards in a OZZY tribute band called OZZMOSIS. Truls is playing drums in a death-metal band called INSENSE. He also played bass in a Cyber-Metal band called BLACK COMEDY for a couple of years. After he quit that band, Mats stepped in as a session bass player.

After recording 2 demos, which received rave reviews in Norway, as well in Europe and the states, CIRCUS MAXIMUS hooked up with Danish based metal agency Intromental Management in April 2004, and soon after got signed to the American label Sensory Records. During summer of 2004, the band completed the song writing for the debut album, "The First Chapter", which was recorded in various studios in Norway, and mixed in October 2004 in Denmark at Jailhouse Studios with well-known producer Tommy Hansen (HELLOWEEN, PRETTY MAIDS, WUTHERING HEIGHT) at the helm.

The sound is impeccable, the musicianship is out-of-this-world, Michael's voice is amazing (reminding of Tony Harnell, Joey Tempest and Ronnie Atkins), and the songs are simply put outstanding. A superb mixture of classic hard rock anthems and progressive technical bits and pieces. Just listen to such awesome tracks as the upbeat opener "Sin", the beautiful ballad "Silence From Angels Above", the grandiose "Glory Of The Empire" or the 19 minute magnum-piece "The 1st Chapter".

This album will for sure appeal to all fans of bands such as SYMPHONY X X, TNT, DREAM THEATER, PRETTY MAIDS and QUEENSRYCHE.

: : : DimmuS, BELGIUM : : :

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Instant Funk - Disco Funk

Instant Funk were an American 1970s and 1980s disco band, best known for their disco classic, "I Got My Mind Made Up (You Can Get It Girl)". Instant Funk came out of Trenton, New Jersey consisting of Raymond Earl, drummer Scotty Miller and guitarist Kim Miller. The group was then called The Music Machine and they were very successful as a back-up band for The Manhattans, Bunny Sigler and also the TNJs. Throughout their careers, Instant Funk would be the back-up band for many stars, including Lou Rawls, Loleatta Holloway, The O'Jays, MFSB, Curtis Mayfield and Evelyn Champagne King (they are the backing band on the hit single, "Shame").

The group relocated to Philadelphia in 1976 to release its first album, Get Down With the Philly Jump, as they started to formulate their own sound. The group followed this album up with a release for former MFSB guitarist Norman Harris' new record label Gold Mind, with front man Bunny Sigler entitled "Let Me Party With You".

The Gold Mind label folded, and Instant Funk's new cut "I Got My Mind Made Up" was transferred to the Salsoul label, which pushed the record heavily to all of the disco clubs. The remix of this song by club DJ Larry Levan and engineer Bob Blank quickly became the talk of Manhattan. "I Got My Mind Made Up" hit #1 on both the R&B and disco charts and #20 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the spring of 1979. The group's eponymous first album on Salsoul was also a hit, reaching #1 R&B and being certified gold disc status.

Instant Funk initially stayed together to tour when Salsoul folded. They eventually disbanded, and Bunny Sigler went on to perform as part of The Trammps.

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Carol Williams - Disco Funk

Carol Williams, born in Montclair, New Jersey, United States, is a vocalist and songwriter who achieved success with her disco songs in the 1970s. She was the first female artist signed to the disco label Salsoul Records. Carol Williams was once a member of the post-disco/garage house studio project called Komiko.

From Magal's Disco Files

Admortem - Heavy Metal

Label: Noise Solution Records ‎– SOLUTION 001
Country: France
Released: 1999
Genre: Rock
Style: Death Metal

1 Nightmare 2:11
2 Yog Sothoth 4:20
3 Underground 3:10
4 Yersinia Pestis 3:29
5 Mold World 3:48
6 Lifeless 4:34
7 Reject 3:10
8 The End Of Pleasure Is Pain 0:58

The Band:
Bass – Morgan M.
Drums – Didier A.*
Guitar – Fabien C., Pierre C.
Music By, Lyrics By – Admortem
Vocals – Chris L.*
Notes: Limited to 1000 copies.

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Manowar - American Heavy Metal

Manowar is an American heavy metal band from Auburn, New York. Formed in 1980, the group is known for lyrics based on fantasy (particularly sword and sorcery) and mythology (particularly Norse mythology). The band is also known for a loud and bombastic sound. In an interview for MTV in February 2007, bassist Joey DeMaio lamented that "these days, there's a real lack of big, epic metal that is drenched with crushing guitars and choirs and orchestras... so it's nice to be one of the few bands that's actually doing that." In 1984 the band was included in the Guinness Book of World Records for delivering the loudest performance, a record which they have since broken on 2 occasions. They also hold the world record for the longest heavy metal concert after playing for 5 hours and 1 minute in Bulgaria (at Kavarna Rock Fest) in 2008. They also have been known for their slogan "Death to false metal".

Although the band has never been a mainstream commercial success in the United States, they maintain a strong cult following. Dedicated fans are known and referred to by the band as "Metal Warriors", "Manowarriors", "Immortals" or "Brothers of Metal".

Diamond Head - new wave of British heavy metal

Diamond Head are an English heavy metal band formed in 1976 in Stourbridge, England. The band is recognised as one of the leading members of the new wave of British heavy metal and is acknowledged by thrash metal bands such as Metallica and Megadeth as an important early influence. 

Two working class teenagers from Stourbridge created the band in 1976. Brian Tatler & Duncan Scott formed the band with a biscuit tin drum kit and borrowed guitar in Brian's bedroom. They auditioned several school friends for a singer until finding Sean Harris. "It was the last year of school, we were about to leave to get jobs or go to college" said Brian Tatler, The name 'Diamond Head' came from a 1975 Phil Manzanera album that Tatler had a poster of in his room. The band played their first gig at High Park school hall (10 February 1977) and sold 151 tickets for a forty-minute set of their own original material. Bassist Colin Kimberley, a friend of Tatler's from primary school, joined the band in 1978 as their fourth bassist.

In their early days, the band played very few cover songs and concentrated on their own material. Exceptions were Black Sabbath's "Paranoid", "Its All For The Love of Rock and Roll" by the Tuff Darts, "Motorhead" by Motörhead and Space Station #5 by Montrose. In one interview, Brian Tatler stated that they wrote some 100 songs before their first studio recorded release, and only one song (It's Electric) from their 1978 debut gig with Colin made it onto vinyl.

Riot (Riot V) - American heavy metal

Riot V, formerly known as Riot until 2012, is an American heavy metal band founded in New York City in 1975 by guitarist Mark Reale. Reaching a peak in popularity in the early 80s, the band has continued a long-running successful career.

Riot has toured with AC/DC, Molly Hatchet, Sammy Hagar, Kiss, Vandenberg, Black Sabbath and Rush among others.

Riot's sound initially started out as straightforward heavy metal, but since their 1988 release Thundersteel their musical direction has been more along the lines of power metal.

Raven - New wave of British heavy metal

Raven are an English heavy metal band associated with the new wave of British heavy metal movement. They had a hit with the single "On and On", and refer to their music as "athletic rock".
Raven was formed in 1975 in Newcastle, England, by brothers John and Mark Gallagher, and Paul Bowden.
Raven began creating a sound which was rooted in British hard rock, with progressive rock tendencies, and a willingness to take musical chances. The band's highly energized live show and interaction between band members developed a unique image and style of play, described as "athletic". They began wearing guards, helmets, and plates from various sports (hockey, baseball, etc...), and incorporating them into the playing of their instruments (for instance, elbow pads and hockey masks were used to strike cymbals). Their music began to develop into a unique amalgam of speed and power - heavily influencing the genres of speed/thrash metal and power metal. The band have a reputation as an extremely energetic live band - and for regularly destroying their equipment.

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Bestia Urbana - Rock Argentina

Bestia Urbana (Urban Beast). Argentine -south america- Rock'n'roll band from the 2010.


Marcelo sanchez: Singer.
Federico Ruiz Díaz: Drumbs.
Matias Ruiz Díaz:guitars.
Roberto Farra: Guitars
Caba: Bass.
Cardo: Harmonica.

Afric Simone - Funk Disco

The African funk/disco living legend 1978 classic album unofficial repress. A must for collectors!

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The Vibrators - Punk Rock

The Vibrators are a British punk rock band that formed in 1976. The Vibrators were founded by Ian 'Knox' Carnochan, bassist Pat Collier, guitarist John Ellis, and drummer John 'Eddie' Edwards. They first came to public notice at the 100 Club when they backed Chris Spedding in 1976. On Spedding's recommendation, Mickie Most signed them to his label RAK Records. Most produced their first single, "We Vibrate". The band also backed Spedding on his single, "Pogo Dancing". The Vibrators recorded sessions for John Peel at BBC Radio 1 in October 1976, June 1977, and February 1978. They were one of the pioneering punk bands that played at London's Roxy Club. They headlined in January 1977, supported by The Drones, and in February they played twice at the venue. In March 1977 the band supported Iggy Pop on his British tour. Later that year they backed ex-Mott the Hoople frontman Ian Hunter.

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