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sábado, 30 de agosto de 2014

Leap Day - Dutch Prog Sounds

Peter Hammil contribution
Dutch outfit LEAP DAY was formed in 2008, but the events leading up to the band formation started a year earlier. Drummer Koen Roozen (Flamborough Head) had been looking for musicians with a desire to play symphonic rock to cooperate with, and in his search met keyboardist Derk Evert Waalkens (King Eider) who also were looking for like-minded musicians. Shortly after vocalist Jos Harteveld (Pink Floyd Project) joined this so far unnamed project. Koen and Derk then started discussing the possibilities of performing the King Eider material at Progfarm 2007. Guitarist Hans Gerritse (King Eider) liked this idea and hooked up for this project, along bassist Peter Stel (Nice Beaver). They needed another keyboard player for this gig though, and Gert van Engelenburg was asked to join. Gerritse left after the Progfarm gig. The rest of the guys wanted to continue on though, and when guitarist Eddie Mulder (Trion, Pink Floyd Project, Flamborough Head) agreed to join, Leap Day was born. A 3-track demo CD saw the light of day in October 2008; in November they signed for Polish label OSKAR, and their full length debut album is planned for release in the summer of 2009, named Awaking the Muse.


6 comentários:

  1. Hello, Good People....

    Continuando minha "peregrinação" pelo universo pós-neo-prog,
    tropecei hoje nesta pequena "joia crossover-prog":

    Cd "fresquinho" acabou de ser lançado.....

    Vale a pena perder LONGOS e maravilhosos minutos, assistindo a
    apresentação realizada na página oficial do grupo....principalmente se você
    estiver com o álbum Into the Light na ponta do laser.....

    Página oficial:

    o link para o álbum:

    Peter Hammill - SP

  2. Ah, me esqueci.....
    a faixa THE BIG DEAL, tem "aquele" solo de guitarra!!!
    Capaz de inspirar até o vovô DAVID GILMOUR!!!


  3. Fala Peter... Sonzeira, como sempre. Preparando o,post!

  4. Hola Amigos, se puede levantar el link del grupo Leap Day, gracias

    1. Gustavo, stoy de vacaciones y espero volver en una semana... Por favor, aguarde. Gracias por el contato.

    2. Gustavo, LINK OK. Gracias por informar y Lo siento por el retraso... Saludos.


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