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domingo, 30 de abril de 2017

Abedul - Prog Rock (Spain)

If there is a band that can be called legendary, we're talking about ABEDUL from Spain, the information, photos and even albums are lost in the mist of time but we were able to find this band was formed in the year 1979 by Albert Aranega (keyboards), Narcis Baiges (Vocals), Pedro Castro (Bass), Jose L. Pérez (Guitar), and Luis Visiers (Drums) in the city of Barcelona.

Their sound was mostly mainstream with Prog tendencies, but as any respectable band from Spain has some vaguely Celtic folk melodies mixed with clear ethnic influences, the lyrics are in English and in Spanish, very close to the sound of another band called "BLOQUE".

In the year 1979 they managed to release a LP called "Nosotros" which would be almost impossible to find if it wasn't because the Japanese label Tachiko managed to release an unofficial version of their LP in a CDR but due to the bad quality of the sound seems like they never had access to the original master tapes.

It's really sad that a band like ABEDUL that was part of the fertile Spanish scenario is practically lost for ever, it's time to upgrade "Nosotros" in a decent CD format so new generations have access to them also. 

Iván Melgar Morey - Perú

Abarax - Crossover Prog • Germany

It was around autumn 2003 when 'Taste Of Timeless' members Howard Hanks (guitar), Dennis Grasekamp (guitar, bass, drums) and Udo Grasekamp (keyboards) decided to start a new project named ABARAX. The idea was to play music oriented at 'Pink Floyd' which came up during a practising session. First two or three tunes were put together and then the decision grew to record a complete concept album which finally was titled 'Crying Of The Whales'.

Due to a happy coincidence they found the right voice in the person of Andre Blaeute, a singer/songwriter from the same area. The band finished the last recordings by the end of 2004, found british progrock label Cyclops interested in the project which released their debut in early 2006. It features relaxed rock songs, stylistically blending psychedelic and symphonic elements, dominated by Dennis Grasekamp's excellent guitar work and Andre Blaeute's unique voice. 

Enhanced by other musicians and male/female vocalists ABARAX participated at several prog festivals all around in Europe and played on some more occasions, in May 2009 for example invited as the opening act for 'Saga'. Moreover songs for a new effort were worked out in between and finally in March 2010 Cyclops released the band's second album 'Blue Room'.

sábado, 29 de abril de 2017

PROGRESSION BY FAILURE Symphonic Prog • France

Progression by Failure biography (
Progression by Failure, the one man band created by the multi instrumentalist Nicolas Piveteau was accepted by the Symphonic Team and added to our database the bio was gently provided by the Nicolas himself.

Iván Melgar Morey

Progression By Failure is a project by a young french compositor named Nicolas PIVETEAU. He was born in 1981 and starts to play keyboards at 10 years old. He also plays guitar and drums. 

This project is a vision of the progressive music, a large panorama between power & emotions. The songs are made of beautiful melodies, power riffs & light atmospheres, without what the author considers cliches of standard progressive music.

Of course, Progression By Failure is influenced by modern Prog Rock, but also by metal & pop.

The songs are written as a tribute to Prog bands like Spock's Beard (Memories From The Future) & Transatlantic (Progression By Failure), and also to dark metal Prog like Opeth & Meshuggah (Desperate Anger) plus Symphonic Prog groups like Therion (Talion).

Nicolas Piveteau (Edited by P.A.)

Thanks Magal

KNIGHT AREA Neo-Prog • Netherlands

It may sound odd, but KNIGHT AREA have been an entity for around 20 years; however, 2004 was when people started to really hear and understand them as a band. 

Gerben Klazinga, the primary creative force of the band, almost single handedly put together what would be KNIGHT AREA'S debut, The Sun Also Rises. The time until 2003, he operated with a variety of musicians to sort out his musical ideas. Mark Smit (MIRACLE) carried out the leading vocals, Peter van Heijningen and Jeroen Hogenboom (ex-SANGAMO) played the (lead) guitars and Ron van der Bas (what's in a name) from Toyz and the Rickenbacker-wizard Gijs Koopman (ex-CLIFFHANGER) performed the bass parts. Mark van Nieuwenhuizen (ex-SANGAMO) carried out some drum parts. Musical mates like Vincent Frijdal for the acoustic guitar parts and Arjan Groenendijk for the power chord parts helped out in constructing the basic arrangements. Stephanie Lagrande as well donated her talents to the album. Brother Joop is also present with his flute, lyrics and some co-production labor. A concept centering around a boy who is in search for his identity (to some extent an autobiographical saga). Experiences are abundant with a few trials and tribulations; nevertheless he succeeds in discovering a vigorous way to cope with his emotions. The debut was met with overwhelmingly positive reviews, thus the band began on a very positive note and even rewarded them with an invite to Nearfest in 2005.

Rather than being essentially a one-man project, the main change to note on this sophomore effort, Under A New Sign, is that KNIGHT AREA are now a 'proper' seven-piece band; this obviously helps give a sense of cohesiveness to proceedings, as well as making it possible for the band to establish themselves as a live act. Carrying on in the spirit of the debut, Under A New Sign (2007) possesses the classic neo progressive characteristics that pays homage to mainstays like Pendragon and IQ. Lush keyboards, whirling song structures that reminds one of 70's Kansas at times, KNIGHT AREA not only did not disappoint, but probably won over new fans and promises to keep producing consistent neo prog that one day could have them mentioned in the same breath with legends of the subgenre.

Eric Walker

Valeu Magal

sexta-feira, 28 de abril de 2017

ARION Symphonic Prog • Brazil

ARION is a progressive band from Brazil with strong influences from classic 70's bands like Yes, ELP and Renaissance. With musicians raised on a musical background of classical, jazz and Brazilian music, these elements also were incorporated in their sound as well. Calling themselves initially Magma, the group started in 1993, at the university town of Viçosa. Things started to get in shape when classical trained singer Tania Braz joined them. In 2000, after some touring, they signed with the Progressive Rock Worldwide label. Their self- titled CD was released in July 2001. It was highly praised by all who heard it, and it was subsequently being sold in some European countries as well as in Japan and the USA. In 2002 they opened for Dutch prog legends Focus, when they toured Brazil.

The CD contains six compositions by band members and one by a friend. Keyboard player Sérgio Paolucci is clearly the biggest proghead of them: his "Eyes Of Time" and "Land Of Dreams" are straightforward prog pieces, while Tânia Braz's "True :Love" and "Everyway" have a strong Brazilian influence. Bassist Carlos Linhares's songs "Daybreak Child"and "Cosmic Touch" fall somewhere between his two bandmates' styles. Thyaga's "Natureza Mistica" is the only tune sung in Portuguese by its author, and it's the most distinctive song of the whole album, with its folky structure and New-Ageish lyrics - although the band members do a good prog arrangement by the middle section (Tânia and drummer Rosa providing harmonies).

Musically the first band that comes in mind is Renaissance, not only for the female singer (who often uses her voice as a leading instrument during instrumental breaks, in the same fashion as Annie Haslam), but also because the extensive use of the grand piano for keyboard solos. This is especially clear in "Cosmic Touch", where Paolucci plays a jazzy, very Dave Brubeck-like solo. But there is more in the formula, since drummer Nelson Rosa is more a jazz and Brazilian instrumentalist than a rocker. His rhythm patterns colour most of the songs with his skills, and this is especially clear on Tania's and Linhares's compositions. On the other hand, Luciano Soares is a creative guitarist whose solos are emotional and tasteful, very much in the vein of Steve Rothery and David Gilmour. Carlos Linhares is surely a bassist with a very strong Chris Squire influence, always filling all the blank spots with his fluid playing.

Thanks Magal

Blues Pills - Swedish Rock Band

Blues Pills are a Swedish rock band, formed in Örebro in 2011. The four piece released EPs and singles before signing up with German record label Nuclear Blast and releasing a successful self-titled debut album Blues Pills. The band released their second album Lady in Gold in August 2016.

Thanks Magal

quinta-feira, 27 de abril de 2017

25 Yard Screamer - Neo-Prog • United Kingdom

25 YARD SCREAMER is a trio based in Wales, UK, and was founded by chance in 2002 when Nick James (vocals, guitars) needed to get hold of some musicians for a showcase gig. Matt Clarke (bass) and Donal Owen (drums) were able to help out; and they hit it off so well that the creation of a band was called for. They have released a steady stream of promos and CD-R's since then, and in 2007 they decided that their material was strong enough to warrant a regular CD release as well, and to positive critical reception Cassandra saw the light of day, a 4 track production containing two long epic tracks and two briefer ventures; exploring a musical territory that can be described as a mix of Marillion, Rush and Metallica.

MYSTERY Neo-Prog • Canada

A project of French Canadian guitarist/lyricist/producer Michel St-Père, MYSTERY took form in 1986 as a six-member outfit. They released a self-titled album in 1992 that generated quite some interest across Canada. Unfortunately, a year later, their drummer Stéphane Perreault lost the use of both his legs; but his strong determination and passion for his craft inspired him with a new and unique approach to drumming: he became one of the first drummers to play from a wheelchair without the help of any pre-programmed sequences. In 1995, St-Père founded label Unicorn Records under which the band released a second album titled "Theater of the Mind" and which boasted airplay both in North America and Europe. In 1998, they released their last and most progressive album todate titled "Destiny?", which features six guest musicians. In 2000, a compilation CD was released that marked the end of a chapter in the band's history, as it also features their vocalist and long-time buddy Gary Savoie who has now left the band.

Over the years, MYSTERY's style has evolved from AOR (STYX, ASIA) to more adventurous art rock like that of RUSH and SAGA, but featuring delicate acoustic passages not normally heard from these two. Their music is based on St-Père's guitar play, which is well executed yet appropriately restrained, while the keyboards remain in the background. MYSTERY won't dazzle you with technical prowess but you will appreciate their strong melodies, outstanding vocals (Gary Savoie is often compared to JOURNEY's Steve Perry), elegant arrangements and attention to detail. Their compilation CD "At the Dawn of a New Millenium" is made up of remastered tracks of their three albums and is a fairly good sampler of their répertoire for those wanting to get acquainted with the band.

Recommended to fans of SAGA, KANSAS, JOURNEY, RUSH and to fans of melodic rock in general.

: : : Lise (HIBOU), CANADA : : :

From MAGAL, The Fisherman

quarta-feira, 26 de abril de 2017

Jimmy Cliff - Reggae (Jamaica)

Jimmy Cliff, OM (born James Chambers; 1 April 1948) is a Jamaican ska and reggae musician, multi-instrumentalist, singer and actor. He is the only living musician to hold the Order of Merit, the highest honour that can be granted by the Jamaican government for achievements in the arts and sciences.

Cliff is best known among mainstream audiences for songs such as "Wonderful World, Beautiful People", "Many Rivers to Cross", "You Can Get It If You Really Want", "The Harder They Come", "Reggae Night" and "Hakuna Matata", and his covers of Cat Stevens' "Wild World" and Johnny Nash's "I Can See Clearly Now" from the film Cool Runnings. He starred in the film The Harder They Come, which helped popularize reggae across the world, and Club Paradise. Cliff was one of five performers inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010.

Adauto Santos - O Tocador de Viola

Adauto Antônio dos Santos (Bernardino de Campos, SP, 22 de abril de 1940 — São Paulo, 22 de fevereiro de 1999), mais conhecido como Adauto Santos, foi um cantor, compositor, violonista e violeiro brasileiro.

Entre seus maiores sucessos, está "Triste Berrante", gravada por Pena Branca & Xavantinho.

Adauto deixou pelo menos quatro álbuns gravados: Nau Cararineta (Discos Marcus Pereira, 1974) Triste Berrante (Arlequim, 1978) Pra Vosmecê (brinde de Natal da Cooperativa dos Agricultores da Região de Orlândia Ltda. (CAROL), 1980) Tocador De Vida E De Viola (CPC-UMES, 1997) Varanda Sertaneja (Movieplay, 1998).

Adoniran Barbosa - Samba de Sampa

Adoniran Barbosa, nome artístico de João Rubinato (Valinhos, 6 de agosto de 1910 — São Paulo, 23 de novembro de 1982), foi um compositor, cantor, humorista e ator brasileiro.

Rubinato representava em programas de rádio diversas personagens, entre as quais, Adoniran Barbosa, que acabou por se confundir com seu criador dada a sua grande popularidade. Adoniran ficou conhecido nacionalmente como o pai do samba paulista.

Dono de um repertório variado de histórias, o sambista não perdia a vez de uma boa blague. Certa vez, quando trabalhava na rádio Record, onde ficou por mais de trinta anos, resolveu, após muito tempo ali, pedir um aumento. O responsável pela gravadora disse-lhe que iria estudar o aumento e que Adoniran voltasse em uma semana para saber dos resultados do estudo... quando voltou, obteve a resposta de que seu caso estava sendo estudado. As interpelações e respostas, sempre as mesmas, duraram algumas semanas... Adoniran começava se irritar e, na última entrevista, saiu-se com esta: “Tá certo, o senhor continue estudando e quando chegar a época da sua formatura me avise..”

Meus Momentos

MPB Compositores

Adrenalin - American Rock Band

Adrenalin is an American rock band from East Detroit Michigan, that is perhaps best known for their song "Road of the Gypsy," featured in the 1986 film Iron Eagle.

Adrenalin is made up of six friends from elementary school (St. Veronica) to high school (Grosse Pointe North). Brian and Mark Pastoria, Jimmy and Mike Romeo, Bruce Schafer and Mike "Flash" Haggerty started the band in the mid-seventies with the help of lead singer David Larson.

Adrenalin created a huge buzz among fans and the music industry alike, as well as quickly earning the respect of musicians such as Bob Seger and Aerosmith.[citation needed] They continually won awards throughout the late '70s and well into the '80s when Marc Gilbert joined the band and were getting radio airplay across the country. Their albums boasted heartland rockers like "Don't Be Lookin Back," "Faraway Eyes," and "Road Of The Gypsy," a song featured in the film, Iron Eagle. Adrenalin was even in rotation when MTV was still a fledgling station that actually played music videos. They produced an EP, Don't Be Looking Back in 1983, and two albums, American Heart (1984) and Road of the Gypsy (1986) both produced by Vini Poncia.

By the end of Adrenalin's run as a band, the members had coped with the suicide of their original lead singer, David Larson.[citation needed] They were dropped by Polygram during the mid-'80s collapse of MCA records. "Through all of this," remembers Brian Pastoria, "we never considered packing it in. We believed in what we were doing...Giving up was not an option.

terça-feira, 25 de abril de 2017

Adrana - Symphonic Metal Band (France)

Adrana is a female fronted symphonic metal band, formed in 2004 by Maxime Dugué and Ludovic Dupraz. They are soon joined by the mezzo-soprano singer Anaé. Grhyll and Emeric Derrien join the band as keyboard and bass players. 

After months of composing and rehearsals, the band records its first demo at New Dream Studio (Descartes, France). The Tower of Frozen Tears is released in 2006, followed by the first album Perturbatio in 2008, still recorded at New Dream studios. Kavöx (Aboroth and Crackhouse singer) and Sylvain are guests on this album, on the songs "Mortelle fourberie enfantine", "L'Eveil de Markius" and "Mortualia", this is the first time the band uses male voices (grunts and lyrical). This first release tells the first chapter of Adrana's adventures. The band develops a whole heroic-fantasy story along its songs.

The second chapter of the Adrana story is developed on the album The Ancient Realms, Adrana reaches for allies in the fire and ice lands. This album is separated in two parts. The first one tells the ice lands adventures, the second one the fire lands. The recording process took place at Drudenhaus Studio, engineered by Neb Xort (Anorexia Nervosa) during the summer in 2010. This time, the band uses real choir, and Bestial (Fimbulvetr) is guests on the song Obsidian Collapses. The Ancient Realms is released on September 2012 on the French Brennus Music label, and a French tour follows it. The band opens for Patrick Rondat and Myrath.

Dub joins the band on 2013 as a guitar player. At this time, the band begins to compose for their next record. 

On September 20th 2013, Adrana releases its first music video, with the song "The frozen Path", from The Ancient Realms album.

Jeff Baker - German Psychedelic Folk

Um som bem diferente para mim. Não encontrei muita informação, a não ser alguns comentários em outros Blogs. Vale a pena dar uma conferida.

"Maybe the most underrated album I know !
Absolute fantastic and intensive Psychedelic, only issued in 1971 on german BASF.
Loner, progressive Folkrock album, partly more rocking, partly more folky, with English vocals, highly recommendable." (

Banjo – G. Preskett
Cello – G. Preskett
Guitar – G. Preskett*, Jeff Baker
Harmonica – G. Preskett
Mandolin – G. Preskett
Organ – G. Preskett
Piano – G. Preskett
Producer – Graham Preskett
Violin – G. Preskett
Vocals – Jeff Baker

Abazagorath - Sacraments Of The Final Atrocity

Cited by many as being New Jersey's premier Black Metal outfit, the corpse paint bedecked act was created in Wayne by former NO RESTRAINTS frontman Nyarlathotep (a.k.a. Dave Wagner) in 1995 in union with erstwhile SEDITION drummer Warhead (real name Chris Demydenko), ex-TASTE OF FEAR guitarist Cythrall and second guitarist Morgul (Daryl Kahan). Morgul is an erstwhile member of ASSUCK, Hardcore act CITIZEN'S ARREST, CXA, TASTE OF FEAR, RORSCHACH as well as having drummed for BORN AGAINST.

ABAZAGORATH issued a self-financed three track EP in January 1996 'Channeling The Ethereal Moon' on the Ancient Music imprint, which elicited strong response. However, line-up changes ensued with Morgul making way for Mithras. Warhead, whilst retaining ABAZAGORATH membership, meanwhile opted to found his own side project vehicle WARHEAD, an endeavour which would eventually culminate in the 'Raping Of Angels' album.

ABAZAGORATH pulled in former MEATSHITS and INFESTER drummer Crom (Dario Derna). The same year Morgul, Nyarlathotep and Crom forged a further extracurricular act MEPHITIUM. This venture issued a brace of demos in 'Ritualistic Coprophagia' and 'Satanic Victory'. Not content with putting his energies into both ABAZAGORATH and MEPHITIUM Morgul cemented an allegiance with vocalist Lord Bucon resulting in ORCUS.

ABAZAGORATH's debut album 'Tenebrarum Cadent Exsurgemus', released in March of 1997 by Elegy Records, received unanimously strong reviews. Cythrall was ousted in April 1997, with Crom now taking up guitar duties with new addition Mithras. In 1999 Morgul usurped his replacement Mithras. Crom would have his place taken at the microphone in early 2000 by Von, the erstwhile singer having relocated and forging ahead with his own project KROHM.

  The group quickly built up an enviable live reputation having supported the likes of VITAL REMAINS, SUMMON and SUFFOCATION. The ABAZAGORATH triumviarate of Morgul, Nyarlathotep and Crom also operate in EVOKEN guitarist Nick Orlando's side act, the brutal old school Death Metal unit FUNEBRARUM featuring on the Necroharmonic Productions album 'Beneath The Columns Of Abandoned Gods'.

segunda-feira, 24 de abril de 2017

Budda Power Blues and Maria João (Portugal Blues)

Budda Power blues were born in 2004 with the goal of being a laboratory band, where the three musicians could adventure into the improvisation world without any commercial compromises. But soon the band took off and got bigger than any of its members ever imagined. They recorded the first record in 2005, in Ferro, Covilhā, naming it “Wanted”. It includes 3 of Budda’s own creations and several covers. This record sold out pretty soon, and in 2008 they release their 2nd record“Busted”, at Gaia Blues Festival, where they performed alongside Shemekia Copeland and Sherman Robertson. This 2nd album features 3 of Budda’s original songs and 10 other very personal twisted versions of some classics. At this time the band starts to get known for their twisted covers and their power improvisation and long jams, being able to be simultaneously musical and entertaining.

Pedido Especial de Magal
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