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ACDC - 40 anos de puro Rock!

Uma banda sólida, que ouço há mais de 30 anos... O AC/DC foi formado em Sydney, Austrália em 1973 pelos irmãos Angus e Malcolm Young. ...

terça-feira, 14 de novembro de 2017

Kings Of The Valley - Psychedelic Hard Rock

Kings of the Valley is a norwegian rock band with music influenced by 70´s prog and newer stoner rock amongst other styles.

Kings Of The Valley Channels The 70's On Its Debut EP ..

Groovey 70's rock with epic flip and streak of stoner rock in the same street as Motorpsycho. More descriptive explanation has not been signed. 

That the guys can play is no doubt where it thunders and freshes and grows through almost 20 minutes spread out over 3 songs. The organ work is amazing and is the perfect seasoning many bands are missing. If you're fond of 70's rock, at least 2 out of 3 of the songs are in taste in the vast majority.

+ Velvet ..

+ Occasionally epic and grand. Dynamic good.

+ Cool production with a good late 60 to late 70's sound.

+ Rotosphere feels like an epic jam. Smells Motorpsycho long way ... in a good way.

- A little too high with the effect on vocals all the way.

- "Wake Up" steals too much apples from the same tree. Will be a little bit of a dumpling song, considering how much it sounds like they've stolen directly from Queens Of The Stone Age's "The Blood Is Love". And when the band name is Kings Of The Valley, which is not so terribly far away from the Queens Of The Stone Age, this becomes a direct whistle and is easy to crawl. And when 1/3 of an EP feels a bit like this, it does much with the first impression.


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