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ACDC - 40 anos de puro Rock!

Uma banda sólida, que ouço há mais de 30 anos... O AC/DC foi formado em Sydney, Austrália em 1973 pelos irmãos Angus e Malcolm Young. ...

terça-feira, 14 de novembro de 2017

The Gaddabouts - Folk Rock (USA)

A New York supergroup of sorts, the Gaddabouts is fronted by singer/songwriter Edie Brickell, anchored by drummer Steve Gadd, and featuring guitarist Andy Fairweather-Low and bassist Pino Palladino. Their eponymous 2011 debut -- released just a week after Brickell's self-titled 2011 album -- is in comfortable territory for the group’s singer/songwriter, filled with the kind of rangy, loping folk-rock that turned her into a star back in 1988, but it also has an element of serious cabaret swing and torch song, plus a bit of blues, the group so dexterous they slide into these old-timey threads without causing a ripple. The songs are all sturdy enough, but the appeal of The Gaddabouts is that relaxed, seasoned professionalism: the band has considerable chops but they never flaunt their skill, they lay back into the groove and it’s hard not to find their easy sway ingratiating.

Edie Brickell – vocals, guitar;
Andy Fairweather Low – vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar;
Pino Palladino – bass, guitar;
Steve Gadd – drums, percussion.
Additional musicians:
Joey DeFrancesco – piano, organ, Rhodes piano, melodica, trumpet
Gil Goldstein – accordion, Hammond B3 organ
Ronnie Cuber – baritone saxophone
Marcus Rojas – tuba
Luisito Quintero – congas
Dan Block – clarinet

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