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sábado, 28 de março de 2015

Sigmund Snopek III

By Peter Hammil
Sigmund Snopek III biography )

SIGMUND SNOPEK III is the multi-instrumentalist from Milwaukee. He started his career in the 60's with the pioneering prog rock band THE BLOOMSBURY PEOPLE (which performed on Atlanta Pop Festival along with 60's pop-rock icons, such is Jimi Hendrix). They were innovative, combining elements of baroque pop, psychedelia, classical music, pop & rock, electronic music and avangarde. As a solo artist, Snopek had released a plethora of albums over the span of four decades, greatly varying in styles. As a composer, he wrote a number of Western Academic music pieces, varying from operas to symphonies - with a nod to a post-modern style. From a rock point of view, his career is equally as eclectic - some albums from the 70's were released under his name; some as SNOPEK, the band where he was a mastermind, playing flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, horns, as well as his battery of keyboards and vocal duties. He collaborated with a variety of well-known rock names, from TOM PAXTON to VIOLET FEMMES. Snopek's music is eclectic, innovative, melodic, zany, edgy and deep. It's highly recommended for any prog rock enthusiast, or for anyone appreciating intelligent music altogether.

For deeper exploration of Snopek's huge body of work, his website is a good starting point.
Moris Mateljan, 2010.

4 comentários:

  1. Hello, good people...

    Outro álbum obscuro, quase desconhecido mas com
    grande vitalidade: encontramos tudo o que um bom progressivo deve ter:

    longos solos de guitarra/teclado, um solo INOVADOR de bateria,
    trechos acapella, etc...etc....

    Inspirado na vida/obra da grande e problemática escritora inglesa
    Virginia Woolf, que se suicidou em 1941....

    mais em:

    "Life Gets Sweeter Everyday"

    Peter Hammill - SP

  2. Peter, seja muito bem vindo de volta ao Valvulado. Suas contribuições são espetaculares.
    Um grande abraço

    1. Obrigado mesmo Breu e Javanes..... e todos os amigos do blog....aqui me sinto totalmente em casa!!!

      Peter Hammill - SP


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