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sexta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2015

Fantastic Funk

Depois de todos os Zappas, e dos Genesis, nada melhor que um sonzinho para dançar um pouco. Segue um álbum, com algumas raridades para você chacoalhar a vitrolinha...

Goldmine/Soul Supply is the U.K. label that put together the stellar Sound of Funk series, compiling a host of terrific deep funk rarities for the groove-obsessed collector. Fantastic Funk, Vol. 1 is a worthy addition to that legacy, gathering 16 more obscure, infectious funk singles from what seems like an inexhaustible supply. Unlike many deep funk comps, there's a hefty preponderance of vocal performances on this one, which helps give it a bit more personality. Many, many bonus points are awarded just for the inclusion of deep funk legend Lee Fields' "Funky Screw," a would-be dance craze every bit as priceless as its title suggests. Elsewhere, Julia DeWitt gets into an endearingly involved monologue on the cheating tale "If You Want Your Man," which features the oughta-be-a-classic line "Now who in the world ever heard of a nurse's aide convention?!" There's also a solo cut by Sam Moore of Sam & Dave, "Can You Dig It," which interpolates a bit of "Soul Man" in what seems like a desperate bid for recognition. Terrific grooves abound throughout the set, supporting lyrics about love, philosophy, and just plain dancing. More proof that Goldmine is perhaps the most reliable deep funk reissue label around.

1. What-Cha Feel Is What-Cha Get - The Wallace Bros. 
2. If You Want Your Man - Julia Dewitt 
3. Funky Screw - Lee Fields 
4. Under The Covers - The Kats 
5. (Can't Help It Baby) This Is My Thing - Tommy Bass 
6. Can You Dig It - Sam Moore 
7. Get It Get It - Wes Hargrove 
8. Bullet - Dale Dennard 
9. Get A Little Bit - The Fantoms 
10. Yo Yo - Richard's People 
11. Twichie Feet - The Soul Machine 
12. We Know We Got To Live Together - Eugene Blacknell & The New Breed 
13. Wear It Out - George Campbell K Five 
14. Life Is Like A Maze - The Brothers Of Soul 
15. Fly Down - Willie Lee & The Way Out West Rhythm Section 
16. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is - Jodi Gales

Para Ouvir e Dançar!!!!

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