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sexta-feira, 20 de novembro de 2015

Funk & Soul - Soulful Kinda 70's

Mais uma grande coletânea do Funk & Soul anos 70. Com baixo e batera de peso, metais e backing vocals. Põe na vitrola que o som é bom.

 Disc 1  
1 –Johnny Baker Shy Guy    
2 –Tyrone Barkley Man Of Value    
3 –21st Century Ltd. Your Smallest Wish    
4 –Soulvation Army Dancin' On A Daydream    
5 –Imperial Wonders You Live Only Once    
6 –Velvet Hammer Happy    
7 –Luckey Davis It's Not Where You Start    
8 –J.T. Brown Like Taking Candy From A Baby    
9 –Jimmy Jones* Ain't Nothing Wrong With Makin' Love    
10 –Lee Mitchell The Economy    
11 –Bobby Newton Shady Lady    
12 –Dave Love (5) Baby Hard Times    
13 –Tyrone St. German In A World So Cold    
14 –Roy Dawson Over The Top    
15 –Brothers, The Secret Place    
16 –Four Sonics* If It Wasn't For My Baby    
17 –David Will Loneliness    
18 –Larry Houston Let's Spend Some Time Together    
19 –Master Plan Dance All Night    
20 –Crystal Motion You're My Main Squeeze    
21 –Dooley Silverspoon Game Players    
22 –Prince George Wrong Crowd    
23 –Velvet (18) Bet You If You Ask Around    
24 –Marvin Holmes & Justice You Better Keep Her    
Disc 2  
1 –Bileo You Can Win    
2 –Pages Heartaches & Pain    
3 –Donny Gerard He's Always Somewhere Around    
4 –Vessie Simmons I Can Make It On My Own    
5 –Stevens & Foster I Want To Be Loved    
6 –Big Jims Border Crossing* Love Built On A Strong Foundation    
7 –Flame 'N' King & The Bold Ones Oh Happy Day    
8 –Mack Simmons Turning Point    
9 –Innervision (6) Honey Baby (Be Mine)    
10 –Rosey Jones Have Love Will Travel    
11 –Ambitions, The* When The Fuel Runs Out    
12 –Frank Everett Spellbound    
13 –Family Circle I Hope You Really Love Me    
14 –Fantastic Puzzles, The* Come Back    
15 –Cody Black What Goes Around    
16 –Fred Hughes Take Me As I Am    
17 –Johnny Baker Operator, Operator    
18 –Pride, Passion & Pain Some Kind Of Man    
19 –C.C. Neal All I Want From You Is Your Love    
20 –5 Wagers Come & Ask Me    
21 –Wes Wells & Steelers, The (2) From The Top Of Your Heart    
22 –Commitee, The Give In To The Power Of Love    
23 –Chuck Stephens Let's Get Nasty    
24 –Oscar Weathers When You See What You Want    
25 –Entertains* Love Will Turn Around    
26 –Just Bobby* I'm A Winner 

Para ouvir e dançar!!!! 

4 comentários:

  1. O disco 5 da caixa Blaxploitation - Funk'n'Jazz & Soul from the 70's está dando defeito.


    1. Obrigado pela dica... Estou verificando. Por favor, aguarde um pouco.

    2. @lindo0107, novo link para o CD 05... Obrigado mais uma vez por informar. abraços

  2. Sem chance, Gringo Louis. Todos nós é que temos que agradecer pela tua generosidade.


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