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sábado, 4 de fevereiro de 2017

Absolution - Blues Rock Trio

One of the UK's finest emerging blues trios return with their second studio album. Terrific songwriting and exquisite musicianship help craft this 12 track album. From the foot tapping rock of Giving It Up, to the burning slow groove of Left In The Corner, this is an album for music lovers and blues rock fans in particular! 

Absolution’s second studio album, Dusty Road, is the band’s follow-up effort to 2012’s Issues. They split the two by filling the bus and taking their music to the road, which gave way to their live release. The trio stem from England, but the music reaches much further. Their smooth vocals and ear for the blues make them a modern blues machine. The album ranges from heavy riffs to soft, tasteful licks, a true balancing act. Lead vocalist Joe Fawcett brings a cool, collected delivery to each verse. Their simple, powerful riffs drive catchy tracks such as “Giving It Up” and “Lay Me To Rest”; both energetic, upbeat jams. On the other end, their intricate guitar work gives way to some suave tunes like “Don’t Know Where.” On “Head For Trouble,” the heaviest of them all, the trio turns the distortion high, juxtaposing low, gritty riffs with high ranging vocals a-la Clapton. Absolution brings the blues to the modern music front, with shades of classic rock and blues artists alike. Their second studio album is packed full of tunes every blues fan should check out. With everything from searing solo work to pounding drums to delicate vocals, their sound weaves a tasteful take on the blues.

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    1. Fala Indignaldo... É muito bom descobrir uns sons novos de BANDAS NOVAS.
      E estes carss são bons e vem para o Brasil em Outubro!
      Um abraço e obrigado pela visita.


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