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domingo, 5 de fevereiro de 2017

Psychotic Aztecs

The Psychotic Aztecs are without doubt the brain child of Tito Larriua as he produced and wrote all the songs. Tito has several albums with his group "Tito and Tarnatula" and his mark is all over this CD. Tito, who hails from Ciudad Juarez and grew up in El Paso, Texas, sings songs of the border experience. Tito, who is now part of the LA scene has been recording for years and has even done some acting. He has worked with Robert Rodriquez of "El Mariachi" fame and even had a bit part in the movie. The soundtrack to the film "EL Mariachi" contain three tracks by "Tito and Tarantula", including the cool tracks for the wild bar fight scene. This is an album that hits you for it's grittyness and pure old time rock and roll with a twist, very twisted. Some songs are reminiscent of the early work of the "Doors" complete with haunting lyrics, great guitar riffs and sudden drops and crescendos in the rhythms that set a chaotic then peaceful mood."Salmame" is a sort of Norteno-Punk tune that is rapid fire to mid-tempo to rapid fire music with superb guitar work. "Puro" is a song that tells a tale of the border clashes complete with reference to LA Migra and his joy in being "puro Mexicano y que no me voy". The music for the most part is a sort of dark, rhythmn and blues mixture of modern songs of the Southwest. "Bella Marruilla" is a number that slowly builds up to a masterful blending of guitar riffs that have you wondering where the song is going. Enjoy the ride as Tito takes you along for a desert ride, on a horse in search of the elusive wonders of life. This song would fit well as a backdrop for a movie, trippy stuff. The landscapes are yours to paint as there are no lyrics to this instrumental song, just beautiful music. "Agente Secreto" sounds an awful lot to me like "Secret Agent Man" of pop fame years ago only in Spanish . The "Psychotic Aztecs" are Tito, lead vocals and guitar, Steven Medina, guitar, John Avila, bass and vocals and Johnny "Vatos" Hernandez on drums and percussion. A very good CD that will get a lot of play once you get it. It takes several listens to understand their sound but make no doubt these guys are uniquely talented. This is about as uncommercial as it gets, raw, southwest music in search of a soul in the desert.

2 comentários:

  1. Tito Larriva also led the band The Plugz, who were part of the first wave of LA punk bands. They made two albums. The Plugz did record a Spanish-language version of "Secret Agent Man" (titled "Hombre Secreto") for the soundtrack of the film Repo Man.

    Tito Larriva has had a long and interesting career. The first time I saw him on screen was in Pee-Wee's Playhouse! Thank you for sharing this recording!

    1. jonder, THANK you for sharing this comment!

      My best regards


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