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quarta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2017

Funk Drops - Breaks, Nuggets and Rarities

The quality of the tunes on this compilation is excellent, both in terms of sound quality (a real issue on some comps) as well as song selection.
I have many funk cds where there are 2-3 great songs in order to entice you to buy, but then the rest is by the numbers stuff that will never get another listen.
Not so with this great album. The first track is a great romp by Charles Wright that certainly resembles their most famous tune 'Express Yourself', followed by the awesome drum break driven funk instrumental 'Sexy Coffee Pot.' The quality remains high from then on.
If you're looking for a funk compilation that is a bit more obscure than the more mainstream ones (Commodores, Jackson 5, Barry White etc), but you're not a real funk head that scours record shops, then this one will definitely bridge the gap.

Funk Drops 1

Funk Drops 2

Funk Drops 3

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