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quinta-feira, 18 de abril de 2013

Jazz Night with Herbie Hancock & Weather Report

What is Jazz?

1. A style of music characterized by improvisation.
2. Etcetera (in the phrase: and all that jazz).
3. Nonsense.
verb tr.:
1. To enliven (in the phrase: to jazz up).
2. To exaggerate or lie.
Of undetermined origin, perhaps a variant of slang jasm (energy, vigor). Earliest documented use: 1912.
"They had energy and passion and all that jazz."
Many Phases Later; The Irish Times (Dublin); Dec 10, 2011.
"Don't give me any of that jazz about hope or nonsense about righteousness."
Bob Dylan; Chronicles: Volume 1; Simon & Schuster; 2004.
"With so much stress at work, what can we do to jazz up our mood."
Misha Paul; Jazz Up Your Work Station; The Times of India (New Delhi); Aug 8, 2011.
"Jazz me up!!!!" (Valvulado, right now)

E vamos ao que interessa:

Takin' Off is the debut album of jazz pianist Herbie Hancock originally released in 1962 for the Blue Note label as BST 84109. The recording session included Freddie Hubbard on trumpet and veteran Dexter Gordon on tenor saxophone. The album was a typical hard bop LP, with its characteristic two horns and a rhythm section. The bluesy single "Watermelon Man" made it to the Top 100 of the pop charts, and went on to become a jazz standard. The album has been called "one of the most accomplished and stunning debuts in the annals of jazz." It was released on CD in 1996 with three alternate takes and then remastered in 2007 by Van Gelder.

Empyrean Isles is the fourth album by American jazz pianist Herbie Hancock, recorded on June 17, 1964 for Blue Note Records. It features the debut of two of his most popular compositions, "One Finger Snap" and "Cantaloupe Island".

Blow-Up is a soundtrack album by Herbie Hancock featuring music composed for Michelangelo Antonioni's film Blow-Up released in 1966 on MGM Records. The album features performances by Hancock, Freddie Hubbard, Joe Newman, Phil Woods, Joe Henderson, Jim Hall, Ron Carter, and Jack DeJohnette. Although Jimmy Smith is credited with playing organ on the album some sources claim it was Paul Griffin that was present at the recording sessions.

Sweetnighter is Weather Report's fourth album, released on Columbia Records in 1973. The group had recorded the songs in a five day stretch during February of the same year. It was to be the last album to feature founding member Miroslav Vitouš as the primary bassist. It is considered to be the most stylistically transitional release by the band as it bridged the gap between the more open, improvisational earlier style to a more compositionally structured format. Also, the more prominent use of electric bass is evident here.

Track listing
"Boogie Woogie Waltz" (J. Zawinul)– 13:06
"Manolete" (W. Shorter)– 5:58
"Adios" (J. Zawinul)– 3:02
"125th Street Congress" (J. Zawinul)– 12:16
"Will" (M. Vitouš)– 6:22
"Non-Stop Home" (W. Shorter)– 3:53

Piano (2-6), Electric Piano (1 to 5), Synthesizer (1-2-6) – Josef Zawinul
Saxophones – Wayne Shorter
Bass - Miroslav Vitouš (Acoustic 1-2-4 & Electric 3-5), Andrew White (Electric 1-4-6)
English Horn – Andrew White (3-5)
Drums – Herschel Dwellingham (1-2-4-6), Eric Gravatt (2-4intro-6)
Moroccan Clay Drums (1-2), Roller Toy (3), Israeli Jar (4) - Muruga Booker
Percussion & Wood Flute – Dom Um Romão

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