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sábado, 27 de abril de 2013

Baker Gurvitz Army

BAKER GURVITZ ARMY was a heavy progressive rock band formed in 1974 in England. The band was the combination of members of THE GUN and THREE MAN ARMY, with ex-CREAM drummer Ginger BAKER, guitarist and vocalist Adrian GURVITZ, and bassist Paul GURVITZ formed the band's lineup. The band released their first self-titled album in 1974, which enjoyed moderate success in the UK. The band returned in 1975 with "Elysian Encounter," as well as a live album "Live in Derby '75." In 1976, the band released their third album, "Hearts on Fire." However, the death of the band's manager caused the band to break up. The three members, of whom were already ingrained in the music business' rolodex, had no trouble joining, collaborating with, and forming new bands and projects, such as ATOMIC ROOSTER, HAWKWIND, and others.

The band's music is heavily based in the famous hard rock style of the period, with artful and progressive elements added. Akin to heavy prog giants such as ATOMIC ROOSTER, BAKER GURVITZ ARMY is a prime example of heavy prog with a more accessible edge.
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Ginger Baker's mid-'70s profile took another unexpected turn following Cream's blues-rock blood and thunder and his Afro-beat matchups with Fela Kuti. He formed this straight-ahead power trio with the guitar- and bass-playing brother team of Adrian and Paul Gurvitz, who'd briefly lit up the '60s U.K. charts as Gun (of "Race With the Devil" fame). Such a step might have seemed subversively normal for Baker, but he and the brothers had an undeniable chemistry; not surprisingly, their debut album is a self-assured, aggressive affair. "Help Me" and "I Wanna Live Again" are punchy and succinct; so are the hard-driving instrumentals "Love Is" and its funkier cousin, "Phil 4." The band leavens their hard-hitting delivery with subtle orchestration and piano; the latter instrument works to haunting effect on the introspective "Memory Lane." There's some engaging humor, too; "Mad Jack"'s lyrics about a reckless outback race are silly, but kitschy fun. The only real clinker is "Since Beginning," which is bogged down from self-consciously "meaningful" lyrics and meandering delivery; its eight minutes could have benefited from judicious pruning. Naturally, no Ginger Baker album could pass without some drum solos, but they're tastefully done. He's very much a team player here, in contrast to infamous stick-bashing marathons like "Toad." That said, this album's a strong, decisive statement, and if hard rock's what you crave, you won't be disappointed.


Em 1975 lançam Elysian Encounter pela Mountain Records, um álbum que é considerado por muitos o melhor da banda. A bateria, como era de se esperar, permanece incrivelmente em evidência durante todo o disco, este com uma sonoridade na qual o Hard Rock se une ao Rock Progressivo com nuances de Blues. Além dos membros já citados, gravaram o álbum o formidável vocalista Mr. Snips (Steve Parsons) e o tecladista Peter Lemer (com grande “bagagem no mundo do Jazz). - 

Hearts on Fire is Baker Gurvitz Army's third and last studio album, released in 1976.

Ginger Baker : drums, percussion, vocals
Adrian Gurvitz Guitar, Vocals
Paul Gurvitz : bass, vocals
Mr. Snips Vocals
John Norman Mitchell : keyboards, synthesizer, vibes
backing vocals on 05 : Madeline Bell, Rosetta Hightower, Barry St. John, Lisa Strike
Madeline Bell Background Vocals
Irene Chanter Background Vocals
Kay Garner Background Vocals
Brian Chatton Clavinet, Mini Moog
Ken Freeman Synthesizer Strings
Ann Odell Piano, Hammond Organ

Still Alive CD music This 2 CD set is taken directly from the masters, recordings of the band at their best during their 1975-76 tour. Still Alive music CDs The thunderous drums of Ginger Baker, and the wall crumbling power of the Gurvitz Brothers make these must have CDs.

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  1. Este é classico, né Valvulados.
    Separados fizeram algumas coisas meio estranhas, mas juntos os irmãos foram tudo de bom.

  2. E aí, OGS... Thanks por comparecer. O primeiro disco ouvi até gastar. O ao vivo tb é excelente!


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