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Frank Zappa - The Complete Frank Zappa Project/Object Series - Part II

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sábado, 20 de dezembro de 2014

Bjorn Riis - Norwegian Musician

Peter's Gift
Bjørn is one of the founding members, the lead guitarist and main songwriter of the highly successful Norwegian band Airbag. Their three releases, ‘Identity’ (2009), ‘All Rights Removed’ (2011) and ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ (2013), all on Karisma Records, have all received great reviews worldwide and all become favourites among fans all over the globe.

In addition to playing and recording with Airbag, Bjørn is a highly respected guitarist within the guitar community on the Internet, where he has a huge fan base. His guitar page “” has become a centre for gear and music discussions online. With a wide range of inspirations from artists like Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, No-Man to Black Sabbath, and musical styles from chill, electronica, art-rock to heavy metal, Bjørn have mixed all this into his music and have created his own style in writing and presenting music. Although Bjørn as a guitarist have developed his own sound with a unique tone and his own technique over the years, the playing and tone are reminiscent of David Gilmour, Steven Rothery and Steven Wilson.


The album is very much a personal statement, with lyrics dealing with fear of abandonment, alienation and loss. It’s also homage to many of Bjørn’s musical influences.

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  1. Com um Airbag, estamos sempre protegidos.

    Space Trucker

  2. Presentaço do Peter. e tem mais...


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