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terça-feira, 30 de maio de 2017

Academy - Folk Prog (France)

Academy was a group formed in France, but only Jacques Cassard was born in the country. The other members of the quartet were American, Italian and Greek. The group was active in the early 70s and has just launched a rare album in 1972, disbanding soon after. The selt-titled is divided into 10 folk rock songs, with light touches of psychedelia and remembering English bands of the time. The instrument is basically acoustic and dominated by acoustic guitars and percussion, with some good points of guitar and flute. The female vocals of Ann are another highlight, impressive and fitting very well to sound and always in English. A work that deserves attention from all folk rock and female vocals fans.

Jacques Gassard (baixo, flauta)
Geny Detto (violão)
Ann Calvert (vocal)
Marco Mercuri (guitarra, violão)

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