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domingo, 7 de maio de 2017

Ad Hominem - French Industrial Black Metal

Ad Hominem is a French industrial black metal band, originally from Lyon. The group advocates the cult of Self and the rejection of all religious dogma. Its leader and founder, Kaiser Wodhanaz, refuses any political affiliation in spite of polemics (Ad Hominem is sometimes considered as NSBM), and affirms that he attacks primarily monotheistic religions and any doctrine harmful to the development and freedom of The individual. The band lists a total of five studio albums, two EPs, five splits, a demo, and various compilations.

Ad Hominem is a one-man-band created and run by Kaiser. The project was born in France and is now evolving in Italy. After years of polemics, Kaiser keeps on claiming that A.H. never ever dealt with politics, but used and uses to support any extreme ideologies/acts aiming at eradicating what corrupts the identity of Man. Therefore, A.H. should not be considered as NSBM since national-socialism is only a detail behind Kaiser's speech. Although Kaiser used NS-related content on Planet ZOG, he claims he never dealt with topics regarding the white aryan race, but rather with elitist/individualistic matters. Contrary to some mistaken rumours, Sad, Dhilorz and Milite K. didn't take part to the project. So far, no release can prove the contrary. Also, A.H. rose in the south of France, not in Lyon.

 Planet Zog (2002)

 For A New World (2003)

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