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segunda-feira, 1 de maio de 2017

Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra - (Soul-Funky groove from France)

Founded in 2007 with a rotating cast of members and ranging in size from a 20 piece band to 12 that contributed to this album, the core musicians consists of 6 members: Masta Conga (perc), Benjamin Peyrot Des Gachons (keyb), Elvis Martinez Smith (guitar), Philipe Vernier (sax), Jb Feyt (trumpet) and David Battestini Quadri (double bass). At it's heart is Masta Conga who's the designated ring leader and primarily responsible for the concept and production of this album. "ALVO is not a classic group which repeats, It is a space of creation all around of various revolving musicians according to projects." says Masta Conga.

This is definitely a very fine thing! Definitely Roots is the first album by the French band Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra. Five qualifying stars for sure. Everything that a person with good taste in music expects to hear is found in this work. Jazzy virtuosity, swing and swing, Soul-Funky groove, African-inspired chants and choruses, experimental moments with batucadas and uncontrolled metals, and all the best. All elements of composition are combined into an elegant and refined production, nothing sounding out of place. It's hot, it's hot! Spark of the hot coals to set fire to his day, not very encouraging after a hard job. Grab a drink, call your wife or husband to roll with you, and follow the Flow! It really is to rock, rummage, shake, grab the woman by the waist and rotate it away. Just by the cover of the disc we already see what the content proposes; Is a battalion of musicians putting to roll in the best that each instrument can offer. I do not need to describe much about this record, dear ones. Just try it!

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