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segunda-feira, 22 de maio de 2017

Abattoir - Heavy Metal (USA)

ABATTOIR is a speed/thrash metal band from California, USA formed in the early 1980's (1982). Abattoir means something like "butchered" in French. Early incarnations of the band had John Cyriis (vocals) and Juan Garcia (guitar), both of which went on to form Agent Steel. This incarnation of the band recorded the song "Screams From the Grace" on Metal Massacre IV. Juan also recorded on the band's debut Vicious Attack but all credit was removed by Combat Records before the album went to press. Soon after the release of their debut Steve Gaines was replaced by Mike Towers (ex- Heretic). The Only Safe Place" turned out to be the last album of the band a little after the release of this album Mel Sanchez got together with his formed bandmate Juan Garcia, who left Agent Steel in 1987, to form Evildead, at which point James Murphy (Death/Testament/Obituary) joined before the band split a year later.

Originally recorded as a demo, Combat Records loved the raw, vicious sound so much they released it like it was, at least that is what the story it. It's either that or they didn't have the money or time to re-record the songs. Despite Mark Caro and Danny Olivero being listed as guitarists, it was actually Agent Steel's Juan Garcia who recorded this album. Once again, this is what the story is, although the liner notes to the original Combat release don't reflect this story. However,the 1998 Century Media re-release does tell the story in the short bio that is included. Musically "Vicious Attack" is raw thrash metal, roughly recorded and delivered with an almost punk like attack, while the execution is quite tight. It is fitting that the band does a cover of Motorhead's "Ace of Spades" as this release certainly has a heavy Motorhead influence. The riffs, however, are pure thrash, while the slightly more melodic vocals with variations between high screams and raspier grunts help the band to bridge a gap between speed metal and thrash. The songwriting is all pretty solid. If these songs had been recorded slightly better, without losing the edge they would have even been better. Certainly one of the forgotten gems of the first wave of thrash metal to come out of California.

All songs written by Abattoir.
01. Intro: Beyond The Altar - 1:23
02. Bring On The Damned - 4:13
03. The Only Safe Place - 5:03
04. Nothing Sacred - 5:14
05. Hammer Of The Gods - 4:26
06. Back To Hell - 3:05
07. Temptations Of The Flesh - 5:24
08. Under My Skin - 3:54
09. S.B.D. (Feel The Fire) - 3:26
10. Night Of The Knife - 5:21

- Mike Towers (Mike Torres) - vocals
- Danny Oliverio - guitars
- Mark Caro - guitars
- Mel Sanchez (Melchior Sanchez) - bass
- Danny Anaya - drums
- Chuck Rosa - engineer, producer 

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