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quarta-feira, 13 de setembro de 2017

SOLIS Neo-Prog • Brazil

Brazilian outfit SOLIS was formed in 1996 by Sergio Augusto (drums), Marcos de Pinho (guitars), Ricardo Figueiredo (vocals, keyboards) and Claudio Hamilton (bass).  In 1998, while recording their debut album, Hamilton left to settle in USA, which lead to Bernard (bass, of TEMPUS FUGIT) to be involved on the CD prior to the addition of Jonatas Luis (bass) to the line-up. 1999 saw the release of "Gemini", a production exploring symphonic rock with a variety of influences; compared to acts like TEMPUS FUGIT when issued. After a concert at the Rio Art Rock festival de Pinho and Luis got involved in another band, THE MONTAUK PROJECT, but in 2002 a new recording was made by SOLIS; a single track called Floro do Tempo made for a MPB project. Since 2011 Solis has become a quintet and has come up with a new lineup, keeping Ricardo Figueiredo, the band's main composer and lyricist, on keyboards and vocal, Marco de Pinho, principal arranger and also composer, on guitars and guitars and Sergio Azamb, Rhythm, drums and percussion. The band also has Fernando Resende, arranger and composer, on guitars and Gabriel José, arranger, on bass. And in June of 2016, Solis also had one more member, the guitarist and arranger Guilherme Figueiredo, becoming a sextet.

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