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Universal Totem Orchestra biography (http://www.progarchives.com/artist.asp?id=1246)
Universal Totem Orchestra is an offshoot project from the Italian Zeuhl band RUNAWAY TOTEM and this album appeared between their second Zed and the third album Andromeda. As Runaway Totem is generally not regarded as Zeuhl leading band, often gathering unfavourable critics by specialist and buyers, it was somewhat surprising that UTO 's sole album Rituale Alieno was such a success (relatively speaking). Where RT was dry, square, heavy, uninventive and uninspired, UTO's Rituale Alieno is much lighter, fun, even a tad inventive, and enthralling. However, there is a gothic side to UTO, in great part due to the vocals, which range from the Gregorian chants to other choirs and operatic vocals, often soprano female and male baritone

And another big surprise came to us, when the side-project was given a little sister some 7 years after, just as someone might have thought the offshoot dead. And while fairly different in its line-up, but with some substantial sonic differences, The Magus is just as incredible and stupendous an album as Rituale Alieno was. While remaining firmly in the Zeuhl domain, UTO is not afraid to take many meanders as possible to make their music a different experience in that field. No doubt, that someday the offshoot will overtake its dry genitor. 

:::: Bio written By Hugues Chantraine, Belgium ::::

Um presentaço do Brother Ricardo... Muito obrigado.

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  1. soy un gran del rock progresivo italiano, mil gracias por éste disco, saludos afectuosos

  2. Ola Juan, sea usted bienvenido!

  3. Is there any way to get the free download from 4shared without having to log in using social media?


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