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ELOY FRITSCH - Prog Related • Brazil

Since his childhood , he's been studying music and researching on new sounds through synthesizers in order to express his electronic compositions. During the 1983 Fritsch formed progressive rock band Apocalypse. They are considered pivotal in the development of progressive rock in south of Brazil. Eloy Fritsch is the main composer of the Apocalypse. 

He composed most of the Apocalypse progrock songs including Vindos das Estrelas, Último Horizonte, Do Outro Lado da Vida, Terra Azul, Fantasia Mística, Cachoeira das Águas Douradas, Ocean Soul, 2012 Light Years from Home, New Sunrise and The Angel and Seven Trumpets.

In 1992, he moved to Porto Alegre and began his solo project composing Prog Electronic Music. His first official solo album was Dreams, recorded in 1994 and 1995. During 1997, he released his second solo album, Behind the Walls of Imagination, which showcases his skills with various electronic and acoustic keyboard instruments. In the mid-1990s, Fritsch secured a recording contract with French Label Musea. His third album for them, Space Music, was released in 1998.The composer reveals his Sci-fi style with Cyberspace. In this album Fritsch offers instrumental music of seventies inspired keyboard Symphonic/electronic progressive music. 

Fritsch performs an electronic music that evolves between Vangelis´ ambient & impressionist electronic, and the synthesised Progressive rock of masters such as Rick Wakeman. Nevertheless, Fritsch has found his own style within melodic Electronic Music Progrock framework. The compositions are very melodic and emotive, with multi-layered instrumental textures/voicings and solidly coherent arrangements. Fritsch has earned a PhD in Computer music, and during 1999 created the Electronic Music Center in the Institute of Arts at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. 

Parallel his work as keyboard player of the group Apocalypse and his academic activity, Fritsch release through Musea and Rock Symphony labels the album Mythology , a large variety of truly original musical works in which he brought to full maturity the use of sinthesizers to compose progrock and electronic instrumental music. This ambitious work justly uses the whole panel of his electronic sounds to depict fifteen tracks exclusively dedicated to the different gods worshipped in the past. The Brazilian, Mesopotamian, Hindu, Amerindian, Inca, African, Greek, Egyptian, Scandinavian, Roman or Chinese are outlined in Mythology album by an instrumental composition. Thanks to his panoply of keyboards including a Roland System-700 Laboratory Modular Synthesizer, Eloy Fritsch has been able to free his imagination. Eloy Fritsch's love of the sky inspired him to compose the electronic suite Atmosphere (2003). Once again the composer reveals his ecological convictions: he presently defends the virtues of the gas envelope that allow everyone to live on Earth: the Atmosphere. In this album every track is choc full of sumptuous melodies and luxuriant layers of keyboards. Landscapes (2005) was Fritsch's next work to emerge on disc and is a powerful instrumental progressive rock album that maintains a reverent sense of wonder...

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