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Pervy Perkin - A Progressive Metal Band from Spain

Mais uma nova descoberta de Peter Hammil, nosso colaborador...

PERVY PERKIN are a progressive metal band from Murcia, Spain, started out as a project between Alvaro (guitar) and Carly (drums) (initially called HYBRID BLOOD) which was complete with the inclusion of Dante (guitars). Rafa 'Fika' (bass) and old friend Ugo FELLONE (keyboards) later joined and the PERVY PERKIN moniker is adopted in 2011, the same year in which they would compete in an important music contest in Murcia, reaching the semi-finals. 2012 saw the band focusing on composition and recording of their debut album, coinciding with the departure of Rafa and the coming of the Alex MACHO (main vocals). In October 2013, Pablo 'Aks' joins the band as permanent bassist and shortly after, FELLONE decides to leave the band for personal reasons. Since mid-2013, the band has been playing shows in and around Madrid and in March 2014 they finally self-released their debut album ''Ink'', which is a double LP with over two hours of music. PERVY PERKIN's sound is a cross-over between progressive rock and metal, with their main influences coming from DREAM THEATER, TRANSATLANTIC, PINK FLOYD, FRANK ZAPPA, RUSH, SYMPHONY X, CAMEL, PAIN OF SALVATION, SPOCK'S BEARD among others.
Biography adopted from the band's website - edited by aapatsos


Curtam este som:

O álbum também pode ser baixado no site da BANDA: http://pervyperkin.bandcamp.com/

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  2. Thanks Il Trovatore... O Breu já entrou no Face. Estamos nessa!


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