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Frank Zappa - The Complete Frank Zappa Project/Object Series - Part II

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domingo, 23 de novembro de 2014

Rigoni & Schoenherz - Opera Prog Rock from Austria

Victor é uma ópera com rock progressivo, ou um Classical Prog, composto pelos músicos austríacos Richard Schonherz (tecladista / vocalista) e o baterista Manuel Rigoni. A ópera  nos fala sobre o menino de circo Victor. Sua mãe está em uma cadeira de rodas depois de uma queda de um trapézio. Seu pai trabalha como palhaço e quer que o seu filho também se torne um palhaço ... Mas Victor não quer ser um palhaço e não gosta de circo.

Rigoni & Schoenherz biography ( )
Before Richard Schöenherz (born 1947) became known for working in bands such as Dawn and Einstein, he and Manuel Rigoni created the concept album 'Victor'. It is viewed by many as a lost classic of progressive rock, as it balances between orchestrated and sophisticated rock in a unique manner. As well as Richard providing keyboards and lead vocals, and Manuel providing drums and percussion, they combined Kurt Hauenstein (Supermax), Harry Stojka, Achim Buchstab, Johan Daansers and Peter Wolf along with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the Vienna Academy Chamber Choir. 'Victor' is a symphonic tour de force about the power of youth and a plea for deference to authority, war and cruelty. It is centred around a young man and his upbringing in a circus and his thoughts and rebellion, of sorts, against the adult conception of life and what one is supposed to with it. Partly recorded and mixed in the legendary Abbey Road Studios, 'Victor' is still a timeless work that is worth exploring.

All tracks written by Manuel Rigoni and Richard Schönherz.
01. Victor (Part 1) - 18:40 including:
a). The Invitation
b). The Head Of The Circus Sings For His Beloved Audience
02. Victor (Part 2) - 15:51 including:
a). Who Is Victor
b). Victor's Song For Himself
03. Victor (Part 3) - 17:32 including:
a). Victor's Song For His Father
b). Where Is Victor
04. Victor (Part 4) - 22:28 including:
a). Victor's Dream
b). Victor's Song For The White Man
c). The Song Of Life

- Richard Schönherz - keyboards, lead vocals
- Manuel Rigoni - drums, percussion
- Harry Stojka - guitar
- Johan Daansen - guitar
- Kurt Hauenstein - bass, lead vocals (04c) 
- Achim Buchstab - lead vocals (02a,03b)
- Peter Wolf - Arp synthesizer (01a)
- The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - orchestra
- Wiener Akademie Kammerchor - choir
- Peter Hauke - producer

Um sonzaço!!!!

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  1. Grande achado....

    obscuro (by clouds???) e competente grupo....

    VIVA o Prog-Rock!!!

    Peter Hammill - SP


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