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Frank Zappa - The Complete Frank Zappa Project/Object Series - Part II

Biografia: Frank Zappa nasceu em Baltimore, em 21 de dezembro de 1940. Sua mãe, Rose Marie (de nome de solteira Colimore), era de ascen...

quarta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2015

African Music Today - Afro Funk Grooves

“African Music Today” is the culmination of a project started seven years ago by world famous record collector Phillip Lehman, who brought his musical knowledge and expertise to help create this collection of some of the funkiest Afro grooves known to man. This compilation spotlights a diverse range of contemporary African artists, from the James Brown-inspired funk of Bama & The Family to the percussion heavy grooves of Pierre Osinibi and Ethiopian sounds of Zafari. It’s modern music that recalls the heyday of Fela Kuti, Tony Allen, Mulatu Astatke and others, painstakingly curatted by Phillip Lehman and brought to you by Truth & Soul Records on CD in a 4-panel digipak with an obi strip.


01. Feeling Good – Bama & The Family
02. Zafari – Zafari
03. Children’s Song – The Third Eye
04. Black Out – The Original Brothers
05. Percussive Movement #2 – Friends Of The Family
06. Googie – Bama & The Family
07. Brick By Brick – Jojo Quo & His Challengers
08. Jibberish – Bama & The Family
09. Addis Ababa – Zafari
10. Every Woman Is Good Woman – Jojo Quo & His Challengers
11. Afro Groove – Adamu Okosun And The Warri Six
12. Lights Out – Jojo Quo & His Challengers
13. Percussive Movement – Friends Of The Family

The compilation Various “African Music Today” (Truth & Soul) has been released August 27, 2010. 
Truth & Soul presents it’s first collection of rare and unreleased African funk and afrobeat gems that have never seen the light of day until now. Spearheaded four years ago by wolrd famous record collector, Phillip Lehman, African Music Today Vol.1 compiles some of the nastiest afro grooves know to the universe…

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