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sexta-feira, 17 de abril de 2015

Come Together - Black America Sings Lennon - McCartney

Ace presents the soul, R&B and blues worlds' take on the music and lyrics of two young men from Liverpool, whose work as both songwriters and group members completely changed the way the world looked at popular music. The songs of John Lennon and Paul McCartney were frequently covered in all fields of music. It was inevitable that many of the best covers would emerge from a genre of popular music that was so important to all four Beatles. Come Together presents a cross-section of Lennon & McCartney covers from artists as diverse as hard-core bluesman Lowell Fulson and supreme exponents of 'sweet soul', the Moments, via such stellar names as Al Green, Chubby Checker, Little Richard, Otis Redding and Aretha Franklin. The range of repertoire covers virtually the entire recording and songwriting career of Lennon & McCartney, and embraces both their first big US hit I Wanna Hold Your Hand and their last, The Long And Winding Road. Many of the inclusions will, we're sure, come as complete surprises even to those who think they know their Beatles covers inside out.

01. Chubby Checker - Back In The USSR
02. Maxine Brown - We Can Work It Out
03. Fats Domino - Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey
04. Wee Willie Walker - Ticket To Ride
05. Roy Redmond - Good Day Sunshine
06. Mary Wells - Please Please Me
07. Gene Chandler - Eleanor Rigby
08. The Vibrations - And I Love Her
09. Chairmen Of The Board - Come Together
10. Billy Preston - Blackbird
11. R.B. Greaves - Paperback Writer
12. The Moments - Rocky Raccoon
13. Black Heat - Drive My Car
14. Junior Parker - Lady Madonna
15. David Porter - Help
16. Linda Jones - Yesterday
17. Otis Redding - Day Tripper (Take 4)
18. Lowell Fulsom - Why Don't We Do it In The Road
19. Little Richard - I Saw Her Standing There
20. Donald Height - Don't Let Me Down
21. The Main Ingredient - Get Back
22. The New Birth - The Long And Winding Road
23. Al Green - I Want To Hold Your Hand
24. Aretha Franklin - Let It Be

3 comentários:

  1. Esses Valvulados são os maiores garimpeiros que já vi!!!
    Som massa do caralho!

  2. I'm not usually interested in Covers/Tribute albums, unless they include oscure tracks by some of my favorite artists...but I have heard some tracks from this that interest me. And I think some of these were bastardized onto another comp which I had a low bit rate version of...thanx for the opportunity to hear these as quality tunes!


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