domingo, 19 de abril de 2015

The Many Faces of Genesis

Genesis are definitely special in the world of popular music. They began as a group absolutely worship, then lost their singer and charismatic leader (Peter Gabriel), but were replaced by their drummer (Phil Collins) and, with him to the front, they met a level of unexpected popularity. In our hit series 'The Many Faces' explore the inner world of Genesis, little-known projects of its members, their collaborations, we also include some of their most emblematic songs in unfamiliar versions and discover the beginnings of the group, when they were still a group of students who never suspected that Genesis would become one of the names bound in the Rock Culture of all time. The Many Faces Of Genesis is a basic disc, showing the scenes of a single band.

Strange compilation due for release in March
A few month ago, Genesis have released a new 3CD-compilation called R-Kive. The release produced some discussions among fans.... Now, a new, but somewhat strange collection of songs is due for release on 2nd March. The Many Faces Of Genesis is also a 3CD-set, but it's very likely the band has not been involved at all. There are a couple of solo songs on the compilation, especially by Steve Hackett, Anthony Phillips and Tony Banks, then we have some collaborations many fans might not be aware of and a full CD with songs from the band's first album period, called The Jonathan King Sessions.

Disc: 1
1. Which Way The Wind Blows - Anthony Phillips Feat. Phil Collins
2. Watcher Of The Skies - Steve Hackett
3. Screaming Jets - Johnny Warman Feat. Peter Gabriel
4. The Carpet Crawlers - Steve Hackett Feat. Ray Wilson
5. God If I Saw Her Now - Anthony Phillips Feat. Phil Collins
6. Cinema Show - The Flower Kings
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Disc: 2
1. Please, Don't Touch - Steve Hackett
2. Heavy Heart - Daryl Stuermer
3. I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) - Steve Hackett Feat. Ray Wilson
4. Horizons - Steve Hackett
5. Can-utility And The Coastliners - Brand X
6. Your Own Special Way - John Wetton
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Disc: 3
1. A Winter's Tale - Genesis
2. One Eyed Hound - Genesis
3. The Silent Sun - Genesis
4. That's Me - Genesis
5. When The Sour Turns To Sweet - Genesis
6. In Hiding - Genesis
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(A gift from Peter Hammil)

5 comentários:

  1. Grande e inusitada "coletânea"! Da mesma série tenho também a do ELP e a do YES. Grande parte do material postado nestes discos são absolutamente exclusivos!

  2. William, um presentaço. Muito obrigado.

  3. Fala Java e Valvulados,
    Muito obrigado por compartilharem este belo presente de Peter Hammil, a quem também agradeço. Esta coleção é obrigatória para os fãs deste fantástico grupo.
    Abraços a todos

    1. Grande Ricardo... Finalmente o Valvulado é honrado com a sua presença. Apareça mais brother! O Peter enviou um monte de coisa bacana que será postado em breve!
      Abraços fraternos


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