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segunda-feira, 4 de maio de 2015

Doors of Perception - "Dope Funk, Psychedelic Soul And Acid Jazz from New York City '70-'74"

Dope funk, psychedelic soul and acid jazz from New York City '70-'74. UK compilation featuring 20 soul, funk and jazz classics from the legendary underground label best known for their acts, the Fatback Band and Black Ivory who are both represented here along with Dizzy Gillespie, Bobby Rydell and many more. Original vinyl from Perception and it's twin label today goes for a small fortune and has been sampled by DJ Shadow and KRS-One. Double slimline jewelcase. 2000 release.

1. Goin' To See My Baby - Fatback Band
2. Matrix - Dizzy Gillespie
3. Get Some Of This - Madhouse
4. A Possibility (Back Home) - Wanda Robinson
5. Naturally Good - Bartel
6. Rock Steady - Julius Brockington
7. Heritage Hum - James Moody
8. Alive - Larry Young
9. Surrender - Black Ivory
10. Brother (Title) - Adam Wade & Johnny Pate
11. Conseqences Of A Drug Addict Role - Shirley Horn
12. Fatbackin' - Fatback Band
13. I Can't Get No Higher - The Eight Minutes
14. Summer In The City - Bartel
15. I Just Got To Know - The Brockingtons
16. Stop Me - Benny Johnson
17. Too Sad To Tell - Debbie Taylor
18. Life, Love & Peace - The Exciters
19. Alligator - Dizzy Gillespie
20. Honeybuns - Bobby Rydell

3 comentários:

  1. Rapá, isso me parece ser deverasmente totalmente excelente!!
    Baixando djá!

  2. E aí Maddy Lee?... Espero que tenha gostado.

  3. Larang Jawa, iki queued audisi, Mugi mengkono rauh .... rsrsrsrs


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