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quarta-feira, 20 de maio de 2015

Mice on Stilts - Crossover Prog • New Zealand

Peter's Gift

Mice On Stilts biography )
Catharsis, the bloom of emotion, is the harbored hope for MICE ON STILTS as a sound, as symbol and a family. Life and its heaviness is not ignored in the ideology and creativity of MICE ON STILTS. Making sense of it all is the essence of what we are doing. As band members we find sound the most powerful means of expression through our instruments, and strive for a creative experience that invites others to share in what we've found to be life giving. Reaching for the corners of musical ideas, MICE ON STILTS collects sound in diversity, hosted by seven very different and unconventional musical talents. From lush sound-scapes to crushing walls of sound, the collision of the internal experience is exposed; raw, vulnerable and with all effort, real. MICE ON STILTS has worked relentlessly for two years, culturing and conveying its compositions to a wide and well loved audience. MICE ON STILTS started as an escape from an end for singer/writer Ben MORLEY. A dream for a different reality than one overwhelmed by the coarseness of life was seeded in Ben's mind. From a bedside passion project, it's flourished into a seven piece orchestration. MICE ON STILTS has seen members join this dream, a musical identity, and with each new contribution these songs have taken on water, and taken to the road across New Zealand.

AN OCEAN HELD ME is the first studio release from MICE ON STILTS. Adopting the DIY values of Aotearoa, this work has been refined, combed and fostered into an art that we believe in. Risking it all, the lyrical narrative built from the consequences and longings of love and the musical symbolism balanced on the edge of intensity and vacancy, which we hope will bring listeners into a beautiful listening reflection. We're taking braver steps with each challenge. Honing in our desire to take this to the world, this wild and beautiful live show is going to dangerous places, wherever and to whoever wants to take part.

Aroha Nui
Biography provided by artist and used with permission

Um comentário:

  1. Muito bom............neo-prog de qualidade

    Emoção e exuberância musical..

    A música título "A Ocean Held Me" (Um Oceano Me Segurou)
    faz um contraponto perfeito com a capa (referência a Moisés e a travessia do Mar Vermelho)

    A primeira música Syd's Socks (As meias de SYD) é uma referência a SYD BARRET?!!?!!

    Grande Álbum...belíssima capa....

    Peter HAmmill - SP


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