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domingo, 12 de julho de 2015

Fusonic - Netherlands Symphonic Prog

Peter's Gift

Fusonic biography
FUSONIC is a symphonic band from The Netherlands based in Hilversum. Two members Harry Ickelsheimer and Ronald Hoogwout had previously played in a SymSellah. After leaving the band in 2008, a good friend of Harry named Teo joined them and the three of them started to make music in the attic of Teo's home. With guest musician Sjak Franssen (family of Dick Franssen, keyboardplayer in Alquin),Fusonic was complete. After two years of rehearsals and recording the debute CD Desert Dreams was finished and is availlable for Symphonic fans.

Courtesy of Ronald Hoogwout - FUSONIC

Edited by Ivan Melgar-Morey

01. Natural Evocation - 03:22
02. Thriller Of The Mind - 04:12
03. Time Waits - 04:54
04. Movie Theme - 08:01
05. Electronic War - 03:36
06. Verticals - 03:39
07. Solitude - 06:28
08. Golden Valley - 09:26
09. Spaceflight - 07:52
10. Running Hiding - 08:15
11. Humanity? - 10:55


Teo - Electric, Nylon & Midi Guitar, Bass Guitar, Electric Violin, Alto Violin
Harry Ickelsheimer - Keyboards, Bass guitar, Electric, Nylon & Acoustic guitar
Ronald Hoogwout - Drums & Percussion
Alex van Hoorn - Keyboards, Vocals

Sjak Franssen: Keyboards, Mini Moog and Bass Guitar
Rob Schultheiss: Ethnic Instruments
Paul van der Feen: Alto Saxophone Solo (8)

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