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segunda-feira, 28 de setembro de 2015

Wynder K. Frog (Mick Weaver) - Blues & Funk Instrumental

Um som das antigas, muito bom, instrumental com um Hammond de arrepiar...

Mick Weaver (born 16 June 1944, Bolton, Lancashire, England) is an English session musician, best known for his playing of the Hammond B3 organ, and as an exponent of the blues and funk. Weaver's band performed as Wynder K. Frog and became popular on the student union and club circuit of the mid sixties. A brief merging of this band with Herbie Goins and the Night-Timers took his work to a higher level. Wynder K. Frogg—they are billed under this spelling—appeared on the bill at The Savile Theatre, London on 24 September 1967 supporting Traffic on their first U.K. presentation. Also on the bill were Jackie Edwards and Nirvana. The compere was David Symonds. When Steve Winwood left Traffic to form Blind Faith, Weaver was recruited to replace him and Traffic became Mason, Capaldi, Wood and Frog, soon shortened to Wooden Frog. They played a few gigs[2] before dissolving three months later when Traffic reformed.[1] After this he recorded with solo artists such as Buddy Guy, Dave Gilmour, Joe Cocker, Eric Burdon, Frankie Miller, Roger Chapman Steve Marriott and Gary Moore as well as Taj Mahal and The Blues Band, also playing keyboards with Steve Marriott's Majik Mijits.

Into the Fire was released only in the US, after the band had dissolved. Unlike the previous albums of mostly covers, the liner notes here state that the songs were, "composed specifically for the Frog style of musical interpretation, ranging far in beat, tempo and mood".

01. Into The Fire (Mick Weaver, Chris Mercer) - 4:08
02. Howl In Wolf's Clothing (Mick Weaver) - 3:24
03. F In Blues (Mick Weaver, Chris Mercer) - 5:40
04. Cool Hand Stanley (Neil Hubbard, Chris Mercer, Mick Weaver) - 5:36
05. Eddie's Tune (Neil Hubbard, Shawn Phillips, Mick Weaver) - 5:24
06. Why Am I Treated So Bad (Roebuck Staples) - 4:58
07. Hot Salt Beef (Neil Hubbard, Chris Mercer, Mick Weaver) - 4:50
08. Warm And Tender Love (Bobby Robinson) - 4:06

- Mick Weaver - organ, keyboards, producer
- Chris Mercer - saxophone, producer
- Rocky Dzidzornu (Rocky Dijon) - percussion
- Neil Hubbard - guitar
- Alan Spenner - bass
- Bruce Rowland - drums
- Shawn Phillips - guitar and vocals (05)

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