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Frank Zappa - The Complete Frank Zappa Project/Object Series - Part II

Biografia: Frank Zappa nasceu em Baltimore, em 21 de dezembro de 1940. Sua mãe, Rose Marie (de nome de solteira Colimore), era de ascen...

quarta-feira, 23 de setembro de 2015

Cynosura - New Prog Sounds

Peter's Gift
CYNOSURA ( is a progressive rock band whose compositions are highly dynamic and powerfully blend light and dark in an ever changing sonic universe. Their music is conspicuously different due to their use of orchestral arrangements, thought provoking lyrics and soaring guitar solos.

The name CYNOSURA is derived from Greek mythology. CYNOSURA, a nymph on Mount Ida raised the young Zeus who in gratitude for her services placed her in the heavens on the event of her passing. CYNOSURA thus became the North Star, also known as Polaris…

CYNOSURA draws upon musical roots firmly set in the world of progressive rock. Like their namesake, their compositions are highly dynamic, focused and powerful, mysteriously blending light and dark in an ever changing sonic universe. CYNOSURA’s music is conspicuously different due to their use of orchestral arrangements which powerfully support the dance of the soaring and very melodic guitars and keyboards. Lyrically, CYNOSURA transports the listener into thought provoking worlds of emotion, where dreams, beauty and light strongly contrast with realms of darkness and the confrontation of our own fate and mortality.

The Band:
Craig McConnell (guitar, lead vocals)
Christophe Colliard (guitar)
Edouardo Andrade (drums)
Claire Millon (lead vocals, flute)
Frédéric Chauvigné (keyboards)
Christian Sallin (bass, backing vocals)
Grégoire Quartier (drums, percussion)

The album "431" was created in memory of Scottish composer/musician Craig McConnell who founded the band in December 2006 in which he acted as main composer, arranger, lyricist, lead guitarist and lead vocalist. "431" was the name Craig wished to give to his first CYNOSURA album. Why such a name? Because there are 431 light years between planet Earth and Cynosura (the North Star).  The track "Ossian" features Craig's last voice and guitar complete recording. As far as track "431" is concerned, Craig was in the process of composing it when he became sick. The cover of the album is the original draft cover by Craig himself. Craig was unfortunately diagnosed with ALS and passed away on June 22nd 2011.

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  1. Desta vez até eu me álbum comandado por um guitarrista (as vezes) a la David Gilmour....impecável,,,,,,

    Peter HAmmill - SP


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