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segunda-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2016

21. Peron - Symphonic Prog • Turkey

The story of this obscure Turkish band starts in 1970, when "The Izmir College Band", highly influenced by bands as CC REVIVAL, THE WHO or CROSBY, STILLS, NASH AND YOUNG started to perform the full "Tommy" Rock Opera in the school shows. When they graduated and after having several changes in the lineup, they changed the name of the band to 21. PERON. At this point, their musical panorama changed, and in 1974 they recorded a prog jingle for a national radio show by Ümit Tunçag, a famous producer who supported jazz and progressive music. But the story of the band has been heard many times, they never had the support they required, and when in 1979 they had the chance to go to EUROVISION; they were banned in Israel because the political situation, it?s said that they recorded a POP album, but I couldn?t get any info. Luckily their full recordings were released in 2003 by Arkaplan Records on LP format (only 400 hand numbered copies that in a few years became a collectors item) but will soon be available on CD format. This eponymous album is simply delightful, combines Psychedelia, Hard Rock and Turkish folk in a delicate and pristine Symphonic Rock that reminds me a lot of APHRODITE'S CHILD without vocals. In other words, 21. PERON created a marvelous blend of sounds, genres and moods that deserves to be listened, having earned a place in every Symphonic Prog collection and of course in ProgArchives.

Iván Melgar-Morey ::::: Perú

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