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Frank Zappa - The Complete Frank Zappa Project/Object Series - Part II

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sexta-feira, 23 de setembro de 2016

Agusa - Prog Rock (Sweden)

AGUSA is a new prog quartet from Malmö, Sweden, initially comprised of Tobias Pettersson (bass), guitarist Mikael Ödesjö, drummer Dag Strömkvist and finally Jonas Berge on the organ. Some of them are also known from collaborating with bands like Sveriges Kommuner & Landsting, Kama Loka and Hoofoot.

For the first time the musicians came together in early 2013. During the following summer they went out to the countryside in order to celebrate some jam sessions. The place is called Agusa, and that's why the band name finally established. In autumn they entered the studio to record their debut 'Högtid', which was released early 2014 on Transubstans Records and Kommun 2. Five authentic retro 70's progressive tunes are given, featuring dinstinctive organ work and a proper psychedelic fundament in the vein of Moonwagon, Hypnos69 and Astra.

After a handful of gigs during the winter, Dag Strömkvist decided to leave and to travel around India for a while. The band auditioned a number of drummers, and eventually asked Tim Wallander from Magic Jove to join.

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  1. Fala , Java e Valvulados,
    Mais uma boa indicação. Depois de conhecer este trabalho fui buscar o segundo álbum lançado em 2015, TVÅ. Estou baixando agora, por torrent. Assim que concluir vou mandar um link por e-mail.
    Abraços a todos,

  2. Muito bom esse disco.

  3. Gostei de mais do som desta banda...arrenbentou.


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