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segunda-feira, 19 de setembro de 2016

Ajalon - Prog Rock

AJALON progressive rock band, a three piece ensemble. The band is from Washington State in the USA. The band members are Randy George, who plays guitars, keyboards, and bass. He has worked with Neal Morse in the studio and on tour for the album "Testimony" and is currently working on a new secret project with him. Wil Henderson, the vocalist and lyricist also plays bass guitar, guitar, and various wind instruments, is the talented wordsmith for the band. Dan Lile, drummer and also various percussion instruments is the driving force with his unique and gifted playing ability. 

The excellent first release from the band in 1996 is entitled "Light at the End of the Tunnel". The freshman debut showed off the bands talents and musicianship. If you heard the album, expect the new music to take you to new heights nearing perfection. If not, I highly recommend getting a copy and adding it to your collection. 

The second release from AJALON called, "On the Threshold of Eternity". Appearing as guests on the album are some of the biggest names in progressive rock. Rick Wakeman, who plays keyboards for with super group, YES along withmany solo projects. Neal Morse, founder of SPOCK'S BEARD and now with a thriving solo career. Phil Keaggy, a brilliant guitarist, outstanding vocalist and songwriter, who formed GLASS HARP in the late 1960's and has many solo albums in his own right.

(Thanks Magal)

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