segunda-feira, 30 de julho de 2012

Icon (1984)

Icon foi uma banda de Heavy Metal da década de 80, com relativo sucesso. Lembro que comprei este vinil na antiga HY-FY da Augusta e curti bastante. Vale uma conferida.
Segue info do nosso querido Wikipedia:
Originally known as Schoolboys, Icon was formed in 1981, in Phoenix, Arizona by high school friends Dan Wexler (guitar), Stephen Clifford (vocals) and Tracy Wallach (bass). They were joined by David Henzerling (guitar) and John Covington (drums). Schoolboys released an EP "Singin´ Shoutin´" and had a few songs on compilation albums. In 1984, Icon was signed to Capitol Records. By this point, Henzerling, and Covington had left the band and were replaced by John Aquilino (guitar) and Pat Dixon (drums).

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