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terça-feira, 3 de maio de 2016

Ebony Rhythm Band - Acid Jazz Funk

Uma grande banda de Funk & Jazz, do jeito que mais gosto. Um instrumental com uma batera bem forte, recheado de riffs de guitarra e aquele som rasgado do Hammond... Bom mesmo!

Contrary to today's prevailing view about the decade, it was not necessarily a good thing to be an ahead-of-the-time musician during the 1960s, especially if you were black and living in a provincial Midwestern city such as Indianapolis. Naptown does have a rich African American musical heritage, with notable figures including bluesmen Leroy Carr and Scrapper Blackwell as well as jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery, to name but a few. Although Funk, Inc. was probably the most famous band in the city's thriving late 1960s-early 1970s funk scene, there were many lesser-known outfits who were also musically compelling but recorded only a single or two before fading away into obscurity. The Ebony Rhythm Band was one such group. Their fondness for mind-expanding rock music is apparent on the sides collected on Soul Heart Transplant. And while this influence prevented them from being well-received in black nightclubs where patrons had more traditional tastes in music, it did help distinguish them as an extremely innovative unit for their time.

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