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segunda-feira, 4 de julho de 2016

Nemrud - Psychedelic/Space Rock • Turkey

Nosso correspondente espacial trouxe um grande Prog da longínqua Turquia. 
Thanks Peter!

NEMRUD was established in the second half of 2008 in Istanbul-Turkey by Mert Göçay, Harun Sönmez and Aycan Sarı. By the time the band had its current formation, there had been several changes in the composition of band members. The current line-up was formed with the participations both Mert Alkaya and Mert Topel in 2010 and Levent Candaş in 2015 as band members. NEMRUD have released their first two conceptual Progressive Rock albums "Journey of the Shaman"(2010) and "Ritual"(2013) on Musea Records from France. In late 2015 NEMRUD continued the recordings with a conceptual S/T album, released by Rainbow45 Records from Turkey. The group is named after Mount Nemrut; the 2150m high mountain lies in southestern Turkey, known by tomb-sanctuary built in 62bc by King Antiochus I Theos of Commageme on the top mouintain overlooking The Euphrates Valley. Mount Nemrut is the place embracing the Middle of the Ground and the place that first album character 'Mitos' passes by while going to the underground. This mountain is at a sacred place which is the intersection point of East and West, two worlds that mankind have been believing for hundreds of years. NEMRUD has gone beyond the Turkish standard rock or popular line-chorus structured songs and pushed the technical and composition limits of rock music. Besides, there are classic, jazz and avant-garde components in their compositions. Their music shows the general characteristics of Progressive Rock such as changing melodies and rhythms, refrains from repetition, conceptual and abstract lyrics. The admiration of the band for the golden era of Progressive Rock reflects itself in the epical stories used in the albums. Their albums are referring to the golden 1970s era and made up of reminiscences to Eloy, Pink Floyd, Yes, Camel and other bands with psychedelic and symphonic leanings.

7 comentários:

  1. Boas,
    Este não tinha, mas os outros dois tenho se tiver interesse para publicar diz.

    - Journey of the shaman - 2010
    - Ritual - 2013

    José Magalhães

    1. claro que sim!!!! manda os links....obrigado :)

    2. boa tarde,

      Manda o teu email


  2. Bom dia,
    O ficheiro foi enviado pelo Wetransfer, confirma por favor se recebeste bem.

  3. ok....recebido...o primeiro álbum, lembra muito o grupo GARGAMEL....

  4. Caros Magalhaes e Peter, tenho estado ausente por falta de tempo. Em breve volto com força total.

    Obrigado pelos arquivos, todos baixados e catalogados.

    Em uma semana, normalizo nossas postagens!

    Um grande abraço e bom poder contar com todos vocês.



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