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ACDC - 40 anos de puro Rock!

Uma banda sólida, que ouço há mais de 30 anos... O AC/DC foi formado em Sydney, Austrália em 1973 pelos irmãos Angus e Malcolm Young. ...

quinta-feira, 17 de novembro de 2016

The Abstract Sound - EP Rock-USA)

Um EP bem raro...

The Abstract Sound / Abstract Sound
Submitted by Chas Kit on October 23, 2007 - 10:04pm. Abstract Sound | Abstract Sound | US | New Jersey | CBM | Gray Sounds | Sound of Sou Something of a mystery, my understanding is that although their second 45 has a Brooklyn, NY address on the label, the band was actually from Springfield, NJ. The misspelled Your Gona Break My Heart has some cool slide effects on the intro, a fine guitar break and lots of echo. It was released with the band listed as the Abstrack Sound, on the CBM label in 1966, with a moody Judge Him If You Can on the flip. On their second record, the stomping I'm Trying, they're called the Abstract Sound. This one was released twice in 1967, on the Gray Sounds and Sound of Soul labels, and was produced by E. M. Gray. Bill Monetti and C. Catena wrote their songs, along with Denis Dreher on the second 45. However, the Gray Sounds release lists Dreher as co-writing I'm Trying while the Sound of Soul release gives him co-credit on Blacked Out Mind. BMI lists him on both songs along with Monetti, and drops Catena altogether! Obviously someone screwed up the credits somewhere along the way. To make things still more confusing, the labels are reversed on my copy!

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