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domingo, 24 de novembro de 2013

World Psychedelic Classics - Collection

Uma coleção com 5 discos, tentando dar um exemplo de uns sons que podem ser classificados como psicodélicos. O interessante é que tem dois Brazukas -Os Mutantes e o Dr. Tim Maia (?). Independente da classificação, o som é muito bom... Gravado e relançados pelo selo Luaka Bop. Divirtam-se.

1. Ando Meio Desligado
2. Ave, Lucifer
3. Dia 3b
4. Baby
5. Fuga No. 11
6. Cantor de Mambo
7. Adeus Maria Fulo
8. Desculpe, Babe
9. El Justiciero
10. Panis et Circenses
11. A Minha Menina
12. Bat Macumba
13. Le Premier Bonheur Du Jour
14. Baby

World Psychedelic Classics, Vol. 3: Love's a Real Thing is a compilation of West African music from the seventies. The album was released on compact disc by Luaka Bop Records while the vinyl record was released later by Stones Throw with a slightly different track listing. The American psychedelic movement was bound to produce unexpected progeny--including the 1970s, which began as a mainstream attempt to absorb the "free love," recreational drug use, and sartorial eccentricities of the previous decade. But there were parallel repercussions elsewhere in the world, and nowhere was this phenomenon more fascinating than in West Africa. As LPs became cheaper and readily available, local musicians began to incorporate the fuzz and wah-wah guitar vamps, cheesy organ riffs, blatting saxes, and fat, funky bass lines of sixties R&B plus Santana-influenced Latin rhythms and the extended, destination-free guitar solos typical of the San Francisco sound. These were not emulated by rote but freely adapted by younger Africans, mostly students, whose own acoustic traditions had already been transformed by exposure to urban technology. The resulting amalgams, whether they evolved in Benin, Nigeria, Gambia, Cote d'Ivoire, or Mali, remain incredibly lively, funny, inventive, and surprising. --Christina Roden.

1. Minsato Le, Mi Dayihome
2. Love's a Real Thing
3. Keleya
4. Ceddo End Title
5. Porry
6. Guajira Van
7. Better Change Your Mind
8. Allah Wakbarr
9. Awon-Ojise-Oluwa
10. Zinabu
11. Ifa
12. Sanjina

1. Imunização Racional (Que Beleza)
2. Lets Have a Ball Tonight
3. O Caminho do Bem
4. Ela Partiu
5. Quer Queira, Quer Não Queira
6. Brother Father Mother Sister
7. Do Leme ao Pontal
8. Nobody Can Live Forever
9. I Don t Care
10. Bom Senso
11. Where is My Other Half?
12. Over Again
13. The Dance Is Over
14. You Don t Know What I Know
15. Rational Culture

Literally years in the making, the esteemed Luaka Bop label have finally unleashed what may just be the crown jewel in their reissue catalogue with this epic overview and retrospective of the work of Nigerian synth wizard, Afro-futurist, and overall renaissance man William Onyeabor. The speculative myth and mystery surrounding Onyeabor, said to have run his own film production studio after allegedly working as a cinematographer in 1960s Russia, building synthesizer components and recording and self-releasing a series of incredibly forward-reaching music in the 1970s and '80s, being crowned a High Chief in Eastern Nigeria, becoming a flour tycoon with his own mill, and then converting to Christianity and absolutely refusing to discuss his past in any manner, already sets up enough of a wonderful backstory for the man.

6 comentários:

  1. Olá....

    Esta coleção, deixa muito a desejar......somente o disco com os mutantes vale a pena....
    o resto........muito pouco tem de psicodélico.

    Como tenho todos discos dos mutantes, o que valeu na postagem para mim, foi a figura acima!!!

    Agoa se vcs querem ouvir som psicodélicos, vão para:

    Dr. Schluss.

  2. Dr. Schluss, concordo que não tem nada de psicodélico, mas gostei dos sons. Valeu pelo link... Muito bom.

    Javanes, obrigado pelos discos e raridades.. Adorei o cowboy africano.


  3. e aí, rapaziada do Valvulado. Gostei demais dos álbuns, da coleção e principalmente da seleção do Tim Maia. concordo que de psicodélico, somente os Mutantes, e um pouquinho do Shuggie Otis, que aliás não conhecia. muito obrigado mais uma vez pela música e sou grande fã deste blog.

  4. Links working!!!! Thanks for the information.


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