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quarta-feira, 24 de junho de 2015

Blood Of The Sun

Blood of The Sun is an American band playing mix of 70' classic hard rock/heavy prog a la Deep Purple mark II, Uriah Heep, Lucifer's Friend, Bloodrock and Atomic Rooster (tasty guitar riffs, fantastic real Hammond B3 organ soloing, good melodies) and Stoner rock (especially vocals). They usually play quite long 5-8 minutes songs with long organ/guitar soloing. The most important bandmate in Blood of the Sun is their organist/pianist Dave Gryder who previously played in symphonic prog group Covenent (already on PA) and heavy prog Storm At Sunrise.

There are some bands that try to recapture the sound of seventies hard rock and they do a fine job, but Blood of the Sun have nailed it right on the head. 8 songs and no overkill by putting 14 or 15 songs on it. Like the seventies there are 8 songs, usually vinyl would be 4 songs on side 1 and side 2. Good strong vocals, awesome lead guitar, a smoking rhythm section and those glorious Deep Purplish sounding organs. If you picked this up out of curiosity without any info on this band you would swear it was an obscure classic from the 70's, it's that good.

1. Let It Roll....Perfect driving opener, great riffs, solo and vocals. Crank this one all the way up.

2. Burning on the Wings of Desire...Epic title track, sweet organ runs and that guitar solo, wow.

3. Can't Stop My Heart...Another driving rocker, upbeat and a tight performance.

4. Bring Me Down....The pace slows down to a mid paced Skynyrd type rocker with Billy Powell influenced piano. Southern vibe, killer song.

5. Rock Your Station...Fast and heavy, you'll love the Blackmore/Lord style interplay from the offset yet it sounds nothing like Purple. Five songs in and this is becoming my favorite new band on one listen.

6. Good Feeling...Killer riff on this one, another guitar/organ solo in the middle. Faster paced with a mid paced hard rock section before speeding up again.

7. the Snitch...Great beginning with heavy guitar riff, you should be banging your head on this one. These guys must kill live. So far the whole album has been nothing but a fantastic return to the seventies, very pleased!

8. Good and Evil...A guest appearance from the almighty "Wino" Scott Weinrich on this. Powerful riffing again and a stormer to close the record. Pretty cool mid section too.

Bottom line: if your favorite era of music is pure seventies hard rock/metal this will be a very pleasant surprise. Not stoner, no doom, just old school powerful hard rock. 

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  1. New to me. Sounds like I need to check it out. Thank you for all your hard work.


    1. hey Xtm... Thanks for your visit!

    2. hey Xtm... Thanks for your visit!

  2. thanks Johnny. Obrigado pela dica!


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