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sexta-feira, 12 de junho de 2015

Deep Soul Inferno

Goldmine label compilations can be a bit patchy but 'Deep Soul Inferno' doesn't miss a beat - it's easily as good as the first (and best) volume of Ace's 'Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures' series, which set the standard for the entire genre. There are few 'names' here except Gloria 'Tainted Love' Jones, and maybe Spencer Wiggins and Otis Clay, but as the Dave Godin CDs prove, obscurity is often the hallmark of quality - these songs were simply too intense to be hits. It's out of print but well worth tracking down. )

1. One Hurt Deserves Another - The Fabulous Fiestas
2. I'll Go Crazy - Tony Ashey
3. I'm Still in Love With You - Grover Mitchell
4. That's How It Is - Otis Clay
5. Where Is My Baby - Jimmy Lewis
6. I Don't Mess Around - Jeannie Reynolds & The Re-Leets
7. Sound Off - Fred Briggs
8. I'll Try To Do Better - Kim Tolliver
9. This Heart Is Haunted - Lee Jones & The Sounds Of Soul
10. I've Got To Cry - Chris Hamilton
11. I Want To Come Home - Arthur Freeman
12. I Shed A Tear - Bobby Barnes
13. You Sure Know How To Make A Man Feel Good - Donald Height
14. Thunder in My Heart - Timmy Shaw
15. When He Touches Me - Gloria Jones
16. My Pride - James Dee And A Piece Of The Action And The Primettes
17. Mr. Independent - The Soul Twins
18. I Can't Be Satisfied - Spencer Wiggins
19. Unsatisfied Man - Ebony Essence
20. I Don't Need You No More - George Jackson
21. Oh Lord! - Milt Matthews


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