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terça-feira, 19 de abril de 2016

Kin Ping Meh - Kraut Prog Rock

Kin Ping Meh is a German rock band originally active from 1970 to 1977, and reformed in 2005. Their name is derived from Franz Kuhn's German translation of the Chinese novel, Jin Ping Mei. 

KIN PING MEH are not your typical Kraut Rock band. Although they're quite frequently labelled as such, theor sound is more akin to Art Rock, or "hard Prog," like in the case of BIRTH CONTROL. KIN PING MEH, whose name was of Chinese origin, was founded in 1970 in Mannheim as a quintet featuring Joachim Schaffer, Werner Stephan, Torsten Herzog, Kalle Weber, and Joachim Schafer. In their early years, KIN PING MEH performed many covers by bands like BLOOD, SWEAT, AND TEARS, DEEP PURPLE, THE STEVE WINWOOD GROUP, etc... Soon, they were discovered by Polydor records, who signed them immediately. Schaffer left before the first album was recorded, but was replaced by Willie Wagner, who wrote perhaps their most famous track, "Fairy Tales." It is definitely a highlight of their recording career. Achim Reichel, Frank Dostal, and the great Konrad Plank worked with KIN PING MEH, engineering and producing some of their work. After the first album, Wagner and Herzog left, and other members were added off and on throughout the rest of their career (including some members of 2066-AND THEN-e.g. Geoff Harrison). As with many Prog bands, KIN PING MEH became much more commercial (and even more British or American sounding) as each year went on, but the still retained their fan base, at least in Germany. KIN PING MEH's strongest efforts were those of their early years. The first and second albums are of definite interest for any fan of BIRTH CONTROL, URIAH HEEP, DEEP PURPLE, SPOOKY TOOTH and the like. KIN PING MEH's blending of Prog and hard rock was very effective, and that definitely shows on their albums. They were also a stunning live act, so much of the live stuff is also worth investigating. I highly recommend this wonderful German band, they are certainly one of my favorites!

Thanks Peter

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  1. Me'rmão, vou te dizer, o tal do krautrock, coitado, é um puta saco de gatos; acho que neguim pensa: é alemão, faz um som um pouco fora do normal, pronto, é krautrock! rsrsrs Porra nenhuma, né? Aliás, não é todo mundo que tem "estômago" pro verdadeiro krautrock, mas quem realmente curte, é viciadaço.
    O Kin Pingh Me tá mais pra um hard prog, no começo, depois foi ficando cada vez mais hard rock, que nem o Uriah Heep (acho que é o melhor exemplo e maior referência, nesse caso).
    Esse primeirão deles é bonzão!
    Vou pegar esse ao vivo, mesmo não curtindo muito discos ao vivo (em sua vasta maioria), só pra ver qualé, vai que... rsrsrs
    Abraços aos malucos valvulados!

    1. You're right! I've just created my newest Krautrock Cities - Stuttgart playlist on 8tracks, and, even if Kin Ping Meh originated in the area (Mannheim) I thought twice before... skipping them from the playlist. Nevertheless, I think that Krautrock may encompass hard rock sound but with one condition: to provide that Teutonic experimental sound, as in (some) Amon Dull II songs, or more mainstream, as in Friedhof. I agree, Kin Pingh Meh is too Anglo-American, even more than Birth Control.

    2. DJ_Seric, please, send us the link of your playlists... Thanks

    3. Javanes, my KRAUTROCK Cities collection is available at:

      I know that there are some skips or bad youtube versions while listening over 8tracks, so I have in mind to post the playlists on mixcloud as well, soon, together with some of my former Grooveshark broadcasts.

      Keep in touch and thanks for your interest!

  2. Fala aí, Maddy Lee... Eu particularmente não entendo de Krautrock. Vi no Prog Archives e sigo o mandamento. Mas concordo com a comparação do Uriah Heep, e também que o som é bom.



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