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ACDC - 40 anos de puro Rock!

Uma banda sólida, que ouço há mais de 30 anos... O AC/DC foi formado em Sydney, Austrália em 1973 pelos irmãos Angus e Malcolm Young. ...

quinta-feira, 14 de abril de 2016

Strange Funky Games And Things - Solid Rare Grooves And Smoking Seventies Soul

The ‘Strange Games. …series, holds some of the answers. A fascinating musical biography of the evolution of R&B and rap, this continuing album project delves into the back catalogue of rare groove, soul, funk and disco to find the tunes that have counted in sculpting the perfect silhouette of today’s R&B and hip-hop. Its selection of classics that have influenced and – through covers and samples – helped to assemble the modern R&B sound reveals the missing links between 70s soul, the 80s London rare groove revival and our slickly commercial modern product. ‘Strange Funky Games and Things ’ continues the quest to trace the sensual and soulful roots of today’s ultra-modern grooves. Simply lie back, listen and let the music do the talking, as favourites like Donald Byrd’s ‘Loving You’ and Monty Alexander’s ‘Love and Happiness’ take you on a voyage of discovery into the vaults of funked-up bliss.

 1. You Are What I'm All About - The New Birth
  2. Inside Out - American Gypsie
  3. Give Me Your Love - Barbara Mason
  4. Looking Up To You - Michael Wycoff
  5. Stone To the Bone (Some More) - James Brown
  6. She's My Summer Breeze - The Reflections
  7. Come Into My Life - The Supremes
  8. L.A. Night - Yasuko Agawa
  9. Love And Happiness - Monty Alexander
  10. Do It Baby - The Miracles
  11. Reflections - Bill Conti
  12. California Dreaming - Eddie Hazel
  13. Strange Funky Games And Things - Jay Dee
  14. Loving You - Donald Byrd
  15. Porcupine - Nature Zone

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  2. Ah, mizifio, ainda nem me recuperei do Stone Cold Funk e lá vem vosmecê me pedindo pra encerar o chão de novo... rsrsrsrsrssrss
    Aquele abraço!

  3. Olá. Estou dando meus primeiros passos em um blog especializado em Rock Progressivo chamado Esquina Progressiva. Coloquei seu blog na minha lista e se pudesse gostaria que colocasse o meu aqui na sua pra espalharmos a boa música. Abraço.

    Tinha deixado um endereço errado na preça rsrs


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