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sexta-feira, 4 de agosto de 2017

ASHTAR Prog Folk • Brazil

Hard to find a more Celtic-sounding band in South America. The style of this six-piece Brazilian outfit (fronted by a female vocalist) crosses Celtic folk with prog rock and heavy metal. Add to this a few sparse death metal male vocals and you have a surrealistic blend of The GATHERING, NEXUS and KARNATAKA. Besides the traditional rock instruments, they use woodwinds, fiddles and bagpipes to good effect.

Their sole album, titled "Urantia" (2002), has a rich and full sound. It is made up of five proper songs of Celtic flavor (four of them quite lengthy) and a number of short but beautiful instrumental frescos. The heavier passages may remind some of METALLICA or OPETH but the overall feel is more akin to MOSTLY AUTUMN. The band's ability to blend various styles and to pen some memorable melodies make for a generally enjoyable album, only marred sporadically by the guitarist's moronic death growls. As for the female vocals, they are quite pleasant but especially suited to the quieter, tranquil passages. Tasteful and original material overall, and definitely more complex and 'proggy' than SKYCLAD or The MORRIGAN, their folksy English counterparts.

Recommended for fans of MOSTLY AUTUMN, KARNATAKA and The GATHERING.

Thanks Magal

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