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segunda-feira, 7 de agosto de 2017

Mamma Cadela - Psychedelic Jazz Rock (Brazil)

The experimental sound full of influences of the band Mamma Cadela strolls through the universe of jazz, psychedelic rock of the 1970s and trip hop. The instrumental quintet is formed by Ladislau (drums), Fernando Coelho (guitar), Fabio Pinczowski (keyboard esampler), Ismael Sedenski (DJ) and Vanilson Rodriguez (bass).

Mamma Cadela's first album, "Em Busca da Verdade" is one of the great albums of contemporary instrumental music made in Brazil. Launched in 2006, it's a great miscellany of universal rhythms. The great quest, the "truth", is the mixture they make in their music; It is as if the Pink Floyd sessentista had walked by the Brazilian music, taken by the chords of the guitar of Fernando Coelho, and risking also some precise interpretations of the Brazilian popular songbook, contained in the samples very well chosen for the risks of Ismael Lima.

Other references in the disc and the production of the Mamma are jazz, being dictated by the harmonies and melodies of the keyboards of Fábio Pinc and the bass of Vanílson Rodriguez, and taken of trip hop that leave the daring drums of Ladislau Karlos. The members are part of other projects such as Seychelles and the keyboardist Fábio Pinc, produced the own and the São Paulo band Ludov. In all this sound cauldron of references and influences, often, when listening to the disc, we have the sensation of being in front of a large screen and seeing a synaesthetic and lysergic film.

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