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segunda-feira, 7 de agosto de 2017

TELIAH - Prog Rock (Brazil)

Virtuous Brasilia band that only recorded this disc. Progressive Brazilian strongly influenced by the Third and Karma and their compatriots Bacamarte. The band explores a more rigorous approach to the melodic seventh-century rock. This album should be appreciated as a beautiful musical work. The legendary group emerged in the city in 1974 and, ironically, never had a chance to experience the taste of success when Brasilia rock gained fame in the Rio-São Paulo axis in the mid-1980s. The album - today a rarity played Slap it in discs and as such, it will please all avid prog collectors with a relentless love for prog rock. The band was composed by Cláudio Felício (guitars and voice), Denis Torre (drums) and Marcone Barros (bass, violin and synthesizers).

Thanks Magal

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