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terça-feira, 1 de agosto de 2017

Jean Jacques Perrey - Experimental Eletronic Music (France)

Jean-Jacques Perrey (20 January 1929 – 4 November 2016) was a French electronic music producer and was an early pioneer in the genre. He was a member of the electronic music duo Perrey and Kingsley. in 2006, Perrey began collaborating with producer Luke Vibert for a CD on England's Lo Records: Moog Acid. The result is a blend of retro and modern analogue house synth-pop, encapsulating many genres and the two respective styles of the artists. The CD was released in 2007. Perrey's release Destination Space is also a collaboration with Dana Countryman. The duo performed concerts in New York City and Montreal in October 2008 to promote its release. The album is notable for Perrey's being almost 80 years old when it was released. After establishing himself at the vanguard of electronic music as one half of Perrey & Kingsley, Jean Jacques Perrey continued to pursue his own uniquely space-age brand of humor-oriented pop throughout the 1970s. One of the best examples of his work during this time is Moog Indigo, an album built around Perrey's experiments with the Moog synthesizer. This album has been popular with the electronica crowd thanks to the presence of "E.V.A.," a funky synth excursion that became popular with remixers (Fatboy Slim turned in a memorable remix of this tune on Best of Moog). The remainder of the album divides its time between funky lounge-pop and experimental tracks that mix avant-garde electronics with novelty pop. One of the big highlights in the lounge arena is "Soul City," a funky instrumental where Moog synthesizers take the place of horns in a guitar-heavy slice of R&B. There is also a swinging take on "Hello Dolly" that sounds like cocktail jazz from another planet. As for the strictly novelty-styled tunes, the most memorable is "Gossipo Perpetuo," a clever tune that mixes tape loops designed to sound like chattering voices with a fast-paced synthesizer samba groove to create a genuinely smile-inducing slice of novelty pop. Serious electronic music fans may find Moog Indigo's humor-oriented style too lightweight, but everything presented here is tight and catchy and there is no denying that Perrey has assembled his songs with amazing technical skill. In the end, Moog Indigo is a solid pick for lounge fans with a sense of humor.

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