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sábado, 5 de agosto de 2017

JAIME ROSAS Symphonic Prog • Chile

Jaime Rosas is a Chilean composer, keyboard player and psycologist. With studies in composition and musical theory as a teenager, he has kept a long career in the areas of har rock and prog rock, with ENTRANCE as the bvand where he began his real first highlights. While still a member of ENTRANCE ,he released his debut solo album "Virgo". Not too long afterwards, together with former members of the then broken-up Chilean prog band ENTRANCE, he refurbished his career as JAIME ROSAS TRIO is a keyboard power trio a la ELP, Wakeman or the final UK lineup, though their bassist does play some guitar. "Extremos" (2004) is mostly an instrumental affair. It mixes predominantly fast, high-energy, technically-adept classical rock workouts with a few breathers centered around classical piano. The material is well-composed and not just flash and bombast. With "Creciendo" (2005), they've added a guitarist (Javier Sepulveda) to become a quartet (And Then There Were Four?) - and so the JAIME ROSAS CUARTETO was born, so to speak. This album is again heavily instrumental, with quality vocals both wordless and in Spanish. Much of the instrumental material is in a high-energy, fast and demonstrative symphonic prog style, leaving no doubt that JRC can play. The electric guitar gives this material a harder edge. But this is balanced by more sensitive tracks employing vocals and acoustic guitar. Rosas' keyboards are still the highlight, often very classically influenced. His 2011 release "Flashback" finds him again using his solo monicker, but the presence of various guests (including musicians that had already appeared in previous albums) makes it a collaborative effort in many ways, too.

Viajero Astral, Live in Brazil (2008)

Flashback (2011)

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